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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

Yeshiva University High School 
for Girls of Manhattan 
462 West 58th Street 
New York, N.Y. 10019 



elGhanet '69 

Yeshiva University High Schools 


Samuel Levine, 
Executive Director 

Sheldon Socol, 

Student Finances 

Dr. Samuel Belkin, President, Yeshiva University 

Yeshiva University High School for Boys of Brooklyn 
Rabbi Dr. Abraham N. Zuroff, Principal 

Yeshiva University High School for Boys of Manhattan 
Rabbi David L. Weinbach, Administrator 

Yeshiva University High School for Girls of Manhattan 
Dr. Isaac Lewin, Principal, Jewish Studies Department 
Martin Lilker, Administrator 

Yeshiva University High School for Girls of Brooklyn 
Dr. Isaac Lewin, Principal, Jewish Studies Department 
Alvin Kamber, Administrator 

"TDK .u^'K "ra "nn nnva n'?nj narx a-'W yaix 'ju; nsipn 
riiiya nnya t-sd nunnsn D'':ty vmx bv noipna n:QDa p'?xK 
D''Ti?2'?a ]nnbT\vn ^'7bn o^w yaix iivan .nnian njiy'? rm'?in 

x'? p'7 moa insD-n''33 .rrnsai min ■''?a ir^n'? iio' ]'x 
'BS minn ay 'rv a^^y nspwn di x'7X la'ja niyTn pi 

.nn -ma nmx lit^T'i:' 
nu^pnw mi?a 'JX .i:nso-n''a •''?na nx many inxE^a -nny 

.Tnya dj d";?"' ■)son-n''a pai p'ra '•jnnn 
la'jiy US n"apn xnai:? oraa? ,(>«"'? niana) Dnaix "j-'m 
insnpi njn nxau^ ly mx-ax n'-apn'? ixii?E? am hti x'? 
n'ria' '?xn2;''a nirxu? xin la'o .(x'"' /x /x '?xibb') mx^ax 
.lau? inari' .xnan mana ixa nmai nma'? ysn"? 
/naxy"? T'lnV '?ain laa nnx baty ,iist •'n' : ]a'? bnxa 'ix 

.'"la 'np nai ,'ia 'a"? }''?y» : nnya^a mn laa 

Dear Graduates, 

As your class moves closer to graduation and to 
the end of this eventful and exciting decade, it be- 
comes more and more apparent that your security 
and political well being are no longer as certain as 
before. It is important for you to arm yourselves with 
the wisdom of our heritage and identify yourselves 
more and more with your Jellow Jews throughout the 
world and especially with Israel. 

Your educational and vocational goals, your life's 
ambitions, and your plans for the future must reflect 
the realities of our day and age. You must be wise, 
alert, and prepared to react forcefully and intelli- 
gently to the challenges which will.face you. 

We hope that the values transmitted to you by 
your teachers will help you and that the next decade 
will enable you to realize your wishes and your 

Martin Lilker 

miDS T13D3 nrKTl n3''K3 

,rm^c?nr; ii:-i« nDi-nc ,-2^20- umioT iripio n? njiy nso 
/miDDn lu'^nr, nua? ,icia7 nrnT'CD r; n'227n umin fin''S3 

"Teacher". Having been students for twelve years, 
we feel that we have only begun to understand the 
depth and meaning of this term. It remains a calling 
to some, a simple ambition to others — but, in truth, 
we know it to be an impossible, albeit gratifying, 

We are therefore, proud to dedicate this year- 
book to the person we feel embodies all that a Teach- 
er truly is. Instructor of Chumash and Navi, Miss 
Offenbacher sees to it that her lessons are both 
animated and well-prepared. Despite the demanding 
syllabus, she always manages to include timely dis- 
cussions in her class work. Few other teachers 
could have suffered our excessive questioning — 
philosophical and otherwise. 

But Miss Offenbacher's official capacity extends 
far beyond the classroom. As our guidance counselor, 
she has spent endless hours preparing us for college 
and the years ahead. As student council advisor, 
she has extended a helping hand to anyone in need 
and has always been ready to listen to us and to act 
on our behalf. It can be said that in her five years in 
the school. Miss Offenbacher's involvement never 
ended with the school day. 

Miss Offenbacher is truly a Moreh-Derech, a 
teacher of ways, a paragon of the synthesis of Torah 
and Maddah. It is for all of this that we dedicate 
our yearbook to Miss Ellen Offenbacher. It is our 
small way of saying 

Thank You, Teacher 

Mrs. Schneid Miss Sussman 




Mrs. Green 



Mr. Rathman 

C Mr. Stahl 


Rabbi Minchenberg 

Rabbi Neiss 

Mr. Tolmach 

Missing: Mrs. Posner 

Mrs. Kaye 

-r*1 J. HI 

Miss Orlik 





Mrs. Kwalasser 

Mrs. Aufrichtig 
I. ,X-1J. 












Mrs. Greenfield 

Miss Grossman 

Mr. Krohn 

Miss Kelman 

Miss Kahana 




Mrs. Levinson 

Mrs. Streifer 

Miss Weissman 


Mrs. Faskowitz 

Miss Frankel 

Rabbi Gold 

Mrs. Edelsburg 

Mrs. Mintz 

Mr. Schwartzbard 

Rabbi EUezri 

Miss Offenbacher 

Rabbi Solnica 

Mr. Steif 

Mrs. Rabinowitz 


Mrs. Stern 





Mrs. Parker 

but Not 
Forgotten . 

See a 

in a 







in the 

of Your 


in an 

9 ') 

W. Blake 

View in-Two 

Every evening for the past thirty years, on my way 
home from work, I've passed the same blasted tree 
that stands in front of the house next to mine. And 
lately, I see the kid next door starinj^aUtaltree. cAn-. 
templating it, and he looks 
he's thinking. Well, I've t 
and I haven't found things 
thing, the darned thing 
advances. Year in and ye 
blossoming, feigning innO| 
lasts only a short while. E] 
and dried by its exposu| 
dying, drying, hardening. 

Look at its roots 
They are like busyboc^ 
everyone else's life, 
moisture, like a leech 
like one man draining another 
tions, and even of life iiseU, Ti 
satiation at someone els^^e^r 
self and leaving nothing. 

Now just glance upwar 
. . . snarled, twisted, wa 

Hhv.x irec loo, 

king, f-or Qiit"" 

s ar.y-At'cre, -ffever 

being y(.>ung and 




dulled and deadened. 

dy, creeping things. 

hily invading 

soil of all 

life's blood; 

j, loves, aspira- 

!f to a point of 

all for him- 

;s. See them 
Surely these 

ai th'^ brail 

gd, a nd 
are the minds of men- twistSP^deceiving, mean, bent, 
conniving, warped. The branches arc cmnpe^ng . . . each 

one trying to out-do his neighbor, j 
compatriots of the human race. Each' 
be one step ahead of the next; each 
destroy a competitor; each of the 
himself, trying to find the easiest 
gardless of the others. 

And, of course, there's the trunk 
and straight, huh? Don't be foolcci. 
facade. It's really hard, unbendiijg, „rtd inflexibl 
the so-called leaders among m gfe tVias ters wo 
better word. They are hard ajHBBftith iron bands. 
They indoctrinate us in thei™H[^Mj^eres^lsa,pe 
the branches, snarled and^^^^^BBM mM P ^ ^d, 
the leaders are warped, j^B^^SB^^^^^^^- ^^^'7' 
thing is rotten, not even worth wasting our time thinking 
about. So what the hell ... 

of my 

,ghting to 

tying to 

only of 


Just the other afternoon, as I glanced out my window, 
the ancient tree standing before my house caught my 
I thought about the tree for a while and well, it 
begaH^fc|^^on a new importance. I thought that it 
jui*t i^^^^^l^H&i^ture model of humanity's history. 

: young sapMIHli^egins life young and fresh, fertile 
and crisp, eager to meet the world and the sunshine. 
Then, for a while, it seems to lapse into something short 
of death, in actuality, only waiting, working, toward 
next year's fresh start, anticipating anxiously it's re- 
birth and renaissance. Each year it seems to look newer, 
somewhat greener, and better able to meet the world 
than the previous year. Man, tocL is constantly being 
reborn through the understandi rMBf greater truths. He 
often seems to stand still, even ra||^ at times, but he's 
just preparing — for the great l^rst of life that will come 
with the realization of what ii 
why he exists, and toward 
efforts and energies. 

I thought about the ro 
clods of earth, striving to gl 
mind, groping among the ri 
dom, trying to retain even a 
I could see the branches, each'^enlwined in the other, all 
stretching upward, reaching for the heavens. They are 
like man, always yeammg upwaid trying to achieve 
greater heights, attempting dKvavs to reach higher than 
he can grasp. And all of humonstv i^Kd up together in 
this upward heave. We afcallone^wple, one race, olie 
man. Our hands are fi^^^^BPra as they strain up 
to accomplish the ij|j^Hrole. The trunk of the tree re- 
mains the bul^^HnKong, straight, upright, solid, 
serene, like &J^^^m^^ ^re the leaders among men. 
They guid^nankind as the trunk guides the branches, 
giy^i^l^ll^^ction, helping to channel our energies. But 
like the trunk, the^do not limit us, they do not control 
us, Wc are left to' branch out, expand, grow, and bend 
as^^will; and ns the branches, we have infinity as our 
only Ini^k. 

^^ Barbara Newton 

truly vital in this world — 
iat goal he must direct his 

groping through moist 
a foothol<%like a man's 
es of kno\^Bge and wis- 
aemcnt o^Meir wonders. 

Just One 

The quality of a unit is the quality of the whole, for the whole is made of the units. 
How can a garden be more beautiful than a single flower, for its beauty is nothing 
more than the collective beauty of the single flowers? 

Can an ocean be more clear and sparkling than a single drop of its water? As pre- 
cious as the whole sky is the smear of blue that comes through the trees. One tree can 
be a forest if you multiply it in your mind. 

Happiness is many smiles, many moments of joy. But one smile, one moment of 
ecstasy contains in it the happiness of a lifetime. For in that one moment you have 
everything you desire. If you can hold on to that one perfect instant of happiness, and 
remember it always, then you will realize that one note is a song, one word a poem, 
one love all Love. 

Life is a chorus of heartbeats, of occurrences, of isolated patches of beauty and of 
moments. Live each one completely, take out of each all you can, and your single life 
will be all Life. 

Sandra Rapps 


(because titles are a drag) 

And nothing matters, I mean, just nothing at all. 
My eyes have been smeared with watered-down grey 
paint, my ears stuffed with heavy cotton, and my 
brain shot through the haze, I kinda wonder what 
it'd be like to feel again. But, then, it's hard to keep 
on at one thought that way — I get so fagged out. 

Oh sure, I'm with it (though). I know all the right 
words, and who to say 'em to, and I play my guitar 
just bad enough, and sing songs with just the right 
air and live in the right cage — oh yeah — and I wear 
just the right fog on my head. 

But — three days ago someone smiled at me. Some- 
one I've known for a long time but never really 
noticed. You know the kind of thing I'm talking 

Anyway, I was just sittin' around feeling bugged 
— ^just sorta sniffin' last week's cold and lookin' for 
split ends and stuff — and I look up — and there's this 
face — with a smile that turned eyes to blasting 
neon — And man, like I went up so high . . . like a 
regular kite — and my guts were just tinglin' like a 
bunch of electrified wires. And the craziest thing — 
like, that haze I was talking about — the one on my 
brain — like man — it lifted — and I could REALLY 
see ... it was Hke all of heaven exploding around me 
— and all the time my eyes were riveted to the face — 
and I felt myself smiling back. And I saw my reflec- 
tion in the eyes — and it was beautiful. 

Tobv Gutwill 


I I 

It was a gray day. The morning dew still hung in the 
air. The waves pounded mercilessly on the beach. The 
girl walked alone. The ocean spray covered her face 
and her stringy hair clung to her back. She stuck her 
toe into the moist sand. Though the beach was 
devoid of ail life, she could picture endless fields of 
grain, waving with the wind. She walked on. A glit- 
tering shell seemed to beckon her. As she bent to 
pick it up, she imagined the shell whispering to her 
the secrets of the lost and forgotten. Fossils hidden 
amidst the sands begged to reveal the world's tale. 
The sand hid mistakes and fortunes. It covered the 
bloodshed and the atrocities, as well as the accom- 
plishments and the glories. She furrowed her brow 
and abruptly dropped the shell. 

As she wandered on, her teacher's words came to 

her. Sand, by a unique cnemical process, could form 
glass, glass through which a father views his infant 
son. Glasses which give new hope to the aging eyes of 
an elderly woman. Pensively, she let it sift through 
her slender fingers. G-d promised Abraham that his 
offspring would number as the sands by the sea. As 
she wiped her hands on her faded jeans, she looked 
to the murky horizon. Beyond it lay the promised 
land. How simple it seemed for one to swim across. 
But, she knew that the fierce waves would not let 
her pass even the jetty. On a starry night, the light of 
the pale moon formed a magical pathway across the 
sea. She often imagined herself crossing the golden 
bridge and kissing the distant shores. 

Sand. It embodies the world. 

Anna Zlotnick 


A child 

on the beach, 

chubby hands molding 

clumps of wet sand, into castles and towers, 

reached for dry sand, 

held it, but it slipped 

sifting onto the sand. 

Water swept forward to greet him. 

He stretched out his hand 

And grabbed the water, 

unclenched his fist, 

found it empty, 

and sat staring at a damp palm. 

Furrowed brows. 

He tried again, 

but the elements flowed back to their origin. 

He threw back his head 

and laughed 

Began once more, 

pursuit of castle architecture. 

He picked up sand, and the particles 

clung to his sweaty hand. 

He sat, staring at the sea, 

rose, and began to walk 

along the waterline. 

Tides filled recesses molded in 

the mud by his steps, 

and he disappeared, leaving 

imprints in the sand 

and a kingdom on the sea. 

Miriam Weinfeld 

Halfway to Anyplace 

Halfway to anyplace 
I wander 

touching the languid leaf 

sensing the ambrosial flower 

kicking the stray pebble. 
Halfway to anyplace 
I stop 

I see the sun glowing 

I hear the trees trembling 

I feel life. 
Oh beauty of the earth 

My heart pulsates when I am near you. 
I extend my hands 

to touch you. 
The bark of your tree 

is soft to my cheek. 
A tree too wide for my arms to enclose, 
The butterfly, 

A medley of colors flying past me 

It goes too fast. 
Come and take me with you 
We will fly within the hollows of above 
We will pass through the clouds 
and smile at the stars. 

I lope through the thigh-high grass 
and pull up a long squeaky blade. 
It's smoothness caresses my fingers. 
It is beauty and goodness and purity. 
The only beauty and goodness and purity 

I can find. 
I am alive I am free. 

I see G-d 

I must float 

I must whirl 

I must burst! 
There is no silence 

In this quiet place. 

Cardboard walls 
of cor 

dors crimped 
folded into 

an adagio-trodden 
ballet shoes 
with bell 

of Discovery 
ging (Ringing.) 
In the microcosmos 

how joyo- 
us (!) 

to know that 
in one / brief 

blinding spectre; 
one has 

touched upon a 

Debby Cardozo 


Miriam Goldsmith 

One, Yet Two 

The day is night, the sun unseen, the sky nowhere. The raindrops now drift 
and tumble, now beat, beat. 

I am inside. I am warm and secure. I fear the rain. It seeks out those it 
wishes to plague. It forces the skies to part, only to blind me with flashes of 
what lies above. It resounds in my ears, my mind, my soul. It tears at my very 
being, forcing me to flee to safety. 

I am alone and unprotected. The raindrops wash my face, cleanse my soul. 
They free me, renew my life, anoint me with so pure a freshness that my joy in 
the world is boundless. 

I am me, yet I am myself. Forever may I restore that separation. 

Amy Heisler 

The Sun, the Park, and Other Things 

"Hi, Stevie. Look at my new fire truck. It's got a real ladder that goes up and a 
hose that has real water. Daddy lit a match and let me put it out, but he wouldn't 
let me do it. Why wouldn't he, Stevie, do you think?" 

"I dunno, Davey. My daddy comes home when I'm sleeping so I only see him at 
breakfast. Mommy and Daddy were talking last night about somethin'. I didn't 
unnerstand so I tried to go to sleep but Mommy was cryin'. She said somethi' about 
Cousin Mike. He's is my fa-vo-rit cousin and he's in the army an' he sent me a 
picture of him an' he looks so strong. Mommy said he's in Veeyetmom I think or 
somethin' like that. Mommy and Daddy were discussin' it. I think she sid he was 
hit by a shell. But why was Mommy cryin'? Shells don't hurt. On the beach once I 
made a castle with a shell. It doesn't hurt, does it?" 

"Hey Stevie, ya know what? Daddy says we're gonna move soon. 'Cause the 
neighborhood is no good. Daddy says. He says that he pays the money and we don't 
have any hot water. I took a hot bath once in cold water, but I didn't want Mommy 
to be angry so I said the water was warm enough though. Ya know. Mommy was 
talking on the phone. She was talkin' to the phone person about cominisks, I think. 
She says that soon someone's gonna push a button. Hey, look at the road we made. 
Let's make a tunnel too. O.K.?" 

"What kinda button, Davey? Like the one in the elevator? Why should someone 
push a button if he doesn't have an elevator? Does he have an elevator?" 

"I dunno, Stevie. But ya know Mommy says that whoever does it will do it for 
everyone. I wonder who'll do it. I think it's nice for someone to push a button in 
everyone's elevator. We have an elevator man who does it for us — Oh look, Stevie, 
our tunnel fell down. Hey, listen to that noise. Sounds like a fire engine that doesn't 
stop. Why is everyone runnin'? Where are they goin'? Why is it so dark, Stevie? 
Why . . . ?" 

Faith Rothenberg 

Our Secret Disclosed 

"You're in the Pepsi Generation" — amid revolving 
lights. This is the message we receive, this is what we 
live by. We no longer see the moon, the stars. The 
sun is all but blotted out by the more brilliant kings 
of Earth. 

Man's goal is to fill a book of Plaid Stamps. We 
are no longer in symbiotic relationship with nature; 

indeed, we no longer need nature, or G-d, or each 
other. We have risen from the lowly state of beast- 
hood. We have graduated, with honors, from the 
level of animal. We have found an entirely new 
meaning to life, to living. Because, by now, we all 
realize that people in the know are moving to Sunoco. 
A my Heisler 

. . . And Now, a Word 
from Our Sponsor: '' 


To sow a seed 

Plant it, raise it, 

Nurture its growth 

See the wisps of flowers faintly budding 

A fruit will appear 

And you will wonder 

At the beauty oflife . . . 

And that it was you 

Who stimulated its creation. 

Days elapse 

Multitudes of blossoms and colors — 

Strewn across your horizon 

Task done — 

You abide as nature proceeds along its course 

No longer is your care needed 

So you watch ... 

Reveling in its beauty and your fulfillment. 

As time continues its eternal habit 

You find yourself waiting. 


Amidst your oft-gazed scene 

That patch of flamed orange 

Turned to sickly, withered white. 


From afar 

The will to cherich nature's off"ering 

Of participating in life .. . 

Was \n you. 

And now — 

Defeated is your self. 

Lost is your soul. ' ■'^■ 

The ominous ring falls ! ■ 

Upon Mama'sears. . :' : 

"Please. . . !" ';'■■■ 'Mr. 

Hands folded 

Closed Eyes tilted towards G-d. 

"Telegram, M'am . . .", his voice heavy. 

"Your son ..." 

Masha Fishel , • ' ;,■ ■ ■ . 







student agitators 









Blood eyes 






Black faces- 






Face to Face 







Peace of Mind. 



THEY have 

Protest Songs. 

threaten - 


to murder 


They shall 





Shouts of 





to Pierce 

They have 



Girded us 



with Long Hair 


i'icket Lines 

(clasping knives 



in disguise) 








and with 





Debby Cardozo 


Minutes in the Life of ^^^^ Worldly Philosopher 

The sun's rays filtering through the granite pavement created an aura of golden light in the late 
fall afternoon. The thin white hairs on Joe Goldstein's head fluttered in the cool wind. Reclining on 
his throne — the park bench, Joe surveyed his kingdom which extended from the garbage can near the 
old maple tree to the water fountain by the rest rooms. He had reigned here for the past fifteen years. 
A philosopher was Joe. He generously expostulated his theories on life, love, and happiness to all — 
at least all those who would listen to him. 

"Yes," Joe was saying, "I've been here for nearly fifteen years, and I've seen a lot of goings on in 
this park." Moe Hyman nodded his head appreciatively. He had learned long ago that an aquiescent 
ear was all that was required of him. 

A graying father and his adolescent son passed before them. Where once had existed ties of love 
and fulfillment there now loomed a wide gulf of bitterness and animosity. "Just don't know what's 
happening to this generation, think the whole world's due to them," Joe declared to Mr. Hyman. 
The sound of angry voices interrupted Joe's torment over the ruin of the younger generation. "That 
Karovsky couple — what a shame," agonized Joe as a past image flickered through the recesses of his 
memories. "A lot of years ago they used to come to the park, every day . . . before they were mar- 
ried, of course . . . Never used to say much, just sort of used to look at each other." The woman's 
high-pitched voice resounded like a deafening screech while her husband's was like the droning of a 
humming saw. Her hardness seemed to rob the masculinity from her husband, who appeared stripped 
of any vestige of independence or decisiveness. "A real shame, a real shame," muttered Joe. 

And so the great mass of people moved on, little knowing that they were being passed in judgment, 
and little caring. Lovers, tired mothers with children, frustrated spinsters, young men in search of a 
dream and old men too weary to search. They all traversed the path of Joe's domain, each one an 
intricate part of the varying patterns of Joe's reflections. The numbers dwindled until only the echo 
of Moe's receding footsteps and the chattering of the squirrels could be heard. 

The sun's rays had long been extinguished. The first star twinkled brightly against the dark back- 
ground of infinity. The seesaws in the playground were bare now of children laughing, and the paths 
were devoid of the scurrying and bustling of the myriads. Only Joe remained, alone on his throne, a 
king without his courtiers. 

Liliane Steif 

A hearty gust of wind 
blows all sails, 
but to each man 
his own tiller. 
Sarah Drattler 

It's not to see beauty in flowers, 
but flowers in a torn petal. 

Malke Grunberger 

Glass skyscrapers reflecting the sun 

— slum children amidst the litter. 

Eleanor Gurell 

A mere hole 

the whole. 
Judv Fink 

Black child sees society as a 
vivid kaleidoscope of white. 
Sarah Drattler 

Bits of sand . . . melted 
... a window ... I see 
the world passing by. 
Anne Schuchatowitz 

n escape 

s curtain the sky. 
Judy Fink 

Open dry eyes 

and dusty winds of Life 
make them tear, 
close them 

— they stop. 
Malke Grunberger 

The little boy laughs at the parade, 
the balloon bursts, the old man cries 
Leslie Kamelhar 



21 TDTii mm nmnj 

Swinging black hair, oriental eyes, and bubbling personality . . . Judy is one 
of the hippest girls in our graduating class . . . Always searching the halls 
for a fellow "romer" . . . No teacher appreciated her discussions with Cathy 
. . . Disagreed with the boss on his theory that what goes up must come down 
. . . Must be Dr. Lewin's pet . . . (always gets to be called on first) . . . "Elected" 
to the psychedelic paraphernalia art center ... A loyal friend through thick 
and thin, Judy is our most adorable import from the Manhattan Day Co. Ltd. 

Volleyball team; Booster; Poster Committee; Scenery, School Production; 

Big Sister. 

[PDia iJ^NOJ nnjDi nnjnnn vudd 


Spring is the mischief in Aviva ... A VIVAcious Maccabiah captain gave us 
what she so faithfully promised ... we emerged No. 2 (maybe we should 
have tried harder) . . . Aviva has risen from Mr. Cohen's star hummer and Mrs. 
Strauss's pet mimic, all the way up to the perfect shidduch for any of Mrs. 
Faskowitz's Kollel boys . . . Keeps her green eyes on the greenery — green 
socks, greenbacks ... we all know why she became business manager . . . 
Our original aspiring dropout stayed on to lead us in the "dodge the 
drudgery" rebellion — backwards and forwards, Aviva spells fun. 

Business Manager, Elchanet; Class President; Co-director, "Anne Frank"; 
Head, Maccabiah; Class Debater; Bas/cetfaa// Team; Volleyball Team; Wel- 
come Freshmen; Ping Pong; Big Sister. 



upQJH N^ n^^'Qjn^ \m^] nojn^ n'? ir^ lun^ 

Hey man, who's that hood with the black leather jacket? . . . Bernie! . . . You 
mean he's a Central girl? . . . Bernie and Miss Adierbloom really hit it off . . . 
"No, Arlene, I will count that zero" ... It isn't hard to staple your foot on 
the Carnegie Hall Stage . . . Bernie's dancing talent manifests itself in daily 
living— sprained ankle, limping walk . . . Our crazy Israeli-bound Rebbetzin 
is one big bundle of beautiful incongruity that is a joy to behold. 

Class President; Head, Rikud; Head, Dance Festival; Modern Dance; Head, 
Chanukah Chagiga; Dancing, School Production; Cheerleader; Biographer; 
Welcome Freshman; Big Sister. 



muD qiDn 'dir] uimi u^ 

Zany, impulsive Miriam keeps us all in stitches with her comments . . . Even 
Miss Adierbloom couldn't supress a smile . . . Forever perceptive of the 
humor of any situation — especially her own ... is it any wonder that our 
good-natured friend was the object of more than a few of our practical 
jokes? . . . From umbrellas to asparagus you'll find it all in her lockec. . . Presi- 
dent of the "G-d Bless Mrs. Buxbaum For Not Telling" club . . . Never without 
her volume of Bialik . . . she is aspiring to write one of Birn ... A deep 
thinker and passionate Zionist, without Miriam the class of '69 would be 

Class Secretary-Treasurer; Class Debater; Dance Festivals; Booster; Publicity 
Committee; Choir; Hebrew Oratorical Coritest; Scenery Committees; Wel- 
come Freshmen; Big Sister. 



mcun W)i2u 'm 

Known to us all for her before and after final syndromes, Sharon has en- 
lightened the administration with her dated fashions . . . Prettiest Block on 
the block, Sharon's formula for success has been Cliff Notes and a smile . . . 
Really broken up about that break-up . . . how would you like to be told that 
you and Magoo are through? . . . Has the Revlon manufacturers quite wor- 
ried! ... A model in every way, Sharon never ceases to amuse us with her 
frank and witty remarks. 

Class Vice President; Booster; Model, Fashion Show; Choir; Scenery, 
School Production; Art Committees; Welcome Freshman; Big Sister. 



nrinn n^ nnniKi Dipnn m nani^ 

Renowned for conspiring to wear geometrically shaped earrings made of 
paper straws on Friday 13th to ward off evil spirits in her sophomore math 
class . . . Famous for her Hebrew book reviews . . . "It reminds me of the 
Hardy Boys" . . . The assey m'at ve'emor harbey of the home economics 
class ... A visiting student in Mrs. Struckler's French class . . . Rabbi Perl- I 
man's favorite pupil . . . handwriting experts are still puzzled . . . Always"^ 
eager tO voltyh'er opinion, Phyllis has many a class indebted to her for her 
stimulating questions and astute comments. 

Class President; CO. Alternate; Typist, Elchanet; Class Debater; Booster; 
Scenery, School Production; Choir; Maccabiah; Big Sister. 



n'j3 n^ \]Tm in nnun 

Our Miss Brooks . . . Mr. Steif's favorite historian . . . Rabbi Solnica's sacri- 
legious stockbroker ... he never did appreciate those consultations during 
Chumash . . . This aspiring artist passed the endurance test as a four-day 
camper . . . The proud owner of the famous little sister . . . and those glitter- 
ing green eyes . , . "Blimah, you do have nice fingers, but . . . How many U's 
did you say?" . . . Above all, Bernice has learned that it pays to pray! 

Class Vice President; Cheerleader; Model, Fashion Show; Chairman, Com- 
petitive Assembly; Big Sister. 

nn njuni umu 'n inj 


Our black-eyed, olive-skinned, Dutch-Portuguese import, Debby is an exotic 
blend of mysticism and sophistication ... A favorite of our favorite . . . Her 
defiant nature and gifted oratory won her command of our debating team, 
while her poetic prowess deemed her editor of Thoughts and assistant editor 
of the Elchanet . . . Private disciple of R.C.G.'s psychedelic philosophia, this 
dramatic dilettante portrayed a very poignant Anne Frank . . . Leader of the 
back-row revolutionaries and patron of the arts . . . Our Latin "Lover" and 
French "Diabolique" . . . this Samech-tet is really great! 

Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Elchanet; Co-Editor, Thoughts; Debating Team 
Manager; "Anne Frank"; Producer, "Oliver"; Class President; Arista; 
English Oratorical Contest: Tutor. 



nrnnn t\r uunwn 

Behind the gorgeous locks and school-girl charm lies a devious mind at work 
. . . her latest clandestine concoction consists of overthrowing the establish- 
ment and reinstating Dicken and Drattler Incorporated . . . Her many ap- 
preciated occupations include co-captain of the cheering squad, numerous 
class offices and last but not least, Mr. Steif's "Official Coke-Getter of '68" 
. . . Why did she feel that history was being made in the lunchroom instead 
of the classroom? ... A detriment to any teacher's composure, our vivacious 
Vicky has helped to keep us all a little bit more awake. 

Class Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer; Class Debater; Cheerleader; 
Drama Club; Props, School Production; Big Sister. 

^i^i^" ?iir? 


nj^iD '7P n^?u BR] TT] loju nun nni 

"I refuse to be a bystander!" . . . Our outspoken Eva has made her way from 
Dr. Pascal's witch to President of CO., disturbing the sounds of silence . . . 
Her ardent class participation was aptly described by one teacher — "Deft, 
with her hand aloft!" . . . Initiator of many an idea, two school productions, 
a school forum, and a couple that didn't get by the censors, Evie has kept 
the school vibrating with her freshness and pleas for more ruach ... A devas- 
tating debator, bio-chemist in the making, and a perspective can^didate for 
aliyah, our loss will be Israel's gain. 

President, CO.; Director, "Anne Frank"; Arista; Class Debating Manager; 
School Debating Team; Dancer and Costumes, School Production; English 
Oratorical Contest; School Plays; Tutor. 



in mu''] D^ain^ btr 

From Israel to the Bronx to Canarsie, our dashing Sabra has risen to great 
heights . . . posing on stage as a fashion model, or leading a jump as co- 
captain of the cheerleaders for our victorious (?) basketball team ... As a 
shadchanit in our freshman play Sarah didn't have to do much acting 
Finally, as a senior, Sarah really fell for someone . . . like a hole in the head, 
she did! . . . Competent note-taker and perennial dieter . . . Charmed us 
all with her soaring spirits, enchanting voice, and ever-ready smile . . . Long 
live Agnes Gooch II! 

Co-Captain, Cheerleaders; Booster Leader; "My Fair Lady"; Dancing, "Oli- 
ver"; Chorus, "Sound of Music"; Drama Club; Dance Festival; Mattel, 
Fashion Show; Biographer; Class Plays; Tutor; Big Sister; Milon Committee. 



nnojnr] ninun ni^Diui nT'^ir] numn 

Our class nonconformist, Betty has nobly tried to keep our apathy down to a 
minimum ... An expert on the relationship between Camp Sternberg and 
the village hippies . . . Stays slim on pickled tomatoes and garlic potato chips 
. . . Renowned publisher of the only illustrated Chumash and Jewish history 
book . . . Creativity is written all over Betty, from the tips of her earrings to 
the bows on her toes . . . Turned off by Latin, on by French, and hung up on 
Ivrit, Betty really talks our language! 

Art Editor, Elchanet; Art Editor, Thoughts; Class President; Scenery Head, 
"Oliver"; Class Debater; hiigh School Bowl; Hamagid. 



nnni rji uii'in 

The four-year sentence to hard labor doesn't seem to have had any adverse 
effects on Judy . . . Ever cheerful and ready with a quip, the warden prizes 
her just as highly as the inmates do . . . Judy finally made it to Israel . . . out 
of her deep love for it, she left most of herself there . . . Voluntarily hooked 
as Captain Hook . . . Athletically managed whatever needed athletic man- 
agement ... To lose a voice is to win a debate ... to lose Judy is to lose a 
great Fink. 

Editor, Thoughts; Athletic Manager; Director, "My Fair Lady"; Class Vice 
President; Arista; Basketball Team; Volleyball Team; School Debater; Class 
Debating Manager; Class Plays; Ping Pong; Big Sister. 




u'v uiumi n^nuj inDiaii 

"Anybody want to pose for a candid shot?" . . . Rhonda, our photography 
editor, has caught many a teacher and student in a captivating pose . . . 
From Mrs. Rochlin's brilliant non-participant to Rabbi Minchenberg's prote'- 
ge'— is it any wonder everyone strives to sit next to her during Rabbi Neiss's 
tests? . . . The originator of Dr. Pascal's corner seat, Rhonda switched ranks 
to become one of Dr. Pascal's favorites after her Dos de Mayo cake . . . This 
steno spoof, Hebrew orator, and dedicated librarian is known to us best as 
a warm and loyal friend. 

Photography Editor, Elchanet; Drama Club; Chagim, Milon Poster Com- 
mittees; Librarian; Props, School Production; Hebrew Oratorical Contest; 
CO. Alternate; Tutor; Scenery Committees; Big Sister; Welcome Fresh- 



niDn UTJ^n i?ini 

chief advocate of school spirit . . . Arista's favorite secretary ... "a drawing 
on every desk, a letter in every class" . . . Mr. Lilker's Puss' n' Boots . . . Had 
Miss Tausky under the impression that the name "Masha" had something to 
do with potatoes . . . Class 5C's brave butler, Masha has been known to risk 
her neck when starvation strikes . . . convinced Mrs. Elkin to love thy pupils 
as thyself by sharing her afternoon snack with all of us ... In all her endeav- 
ors, Masha's radiant ruach and ebullient enthusiasm have served to brighten 
our hearts and days. 

Art Editor, Elchanet; Secretary-Treasurer, Arista; Class President, Treasurer; 
Volleyball Team; Chorus and Scenery, School Productions; Booster; Choir; 
Poster Committee; Hamagid; Class Plays; Big Sister; Checkers. 

Someone singing In the halls, the lunchroom, the classroom? . . . You can 
bet it's our one and only "Fishah," saviour of "Oliver" and leading singer 
of the band ... A super charged time-bomb of ruach ... A woman of much 
action (and few words?) . . . Possesses a sensitive creativy . . . The most 
active Mizrachinik in Bnei Akiva, Susie's love for Eretz Yisroel is boundless 
(ask Hai:g v Perl man, if you want proof) . . . Next time you hear her tambou- 
rine shakiingTyotj know it'll be in Aretz. 

Class Secretary Treasurer; "Oliver"; Band; Class Debater; Courier; 
Booster; Hebrew High School Bowl; Biographer; Choir; Bible Contest; 
Class Plays; Big Sister. 



lUl nJDIU^ R'7 

An adherent of Agudah and an admirer of Akiva, Meryl combines the best 
of both worlds . . . The proud owner of the "moving" chair in world history 
. . . Speaking about fingers, Meryl owns ten dexterous ones . . . from playing 
the piano to sewing her own gown, Meryl still finds time to develop her own 
special "logic" — much to Rabbi Solnica's amusement — and frustration . . . 
In her junior year, Meryl adopted a new practice, "tea time" at ten to three 
. . . Mrs. Struckler didn't even seem to miss her . . . Always questioning, 
always pondering, our own special "naarah" will always follow the path of her 

Class Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer; Class Debater; Pianist, 
"My Fair Lady"; Courier; Booster; Big Sister. 


bm "nsn 

n^ nnnjT] njn^j utt 


A daily commuter from Yonkers, Ruthie is nonetheless always early enough 
to help open our "golden gates" . . . Mr. Lilker's car-watcher and coffee 
maker . . . Mrs. Streifer's water girl . . . believes in equality for all — surprised 
us by bringing the whole class a drink of water . . . Ruthie's matching colors 
and quick smile are a sight to brighten up even the gloomiest of days . . . 
Our neatest notetaker, Ruthie often finds herself without any notes — espe- 
cially before tests . . . Cottage cheese, skim milk, and exercises galore are 
Ruthie's key to success ... A constant worrier — we know that Ruthie really 
has nothing to worry about. 

Class Vice President; Booster; Props, School Production; Librarian; New 
York Times Distributor; Big Sister. 


wmm nun wmu ^itt 

Always grinning . . . you'd think she loves the school . . . Mrs. Streifer's 
nemesis . . . "Wipe that smile off your face" . . . From Mt. Eden Park to Four- 
teenth Ave., Mindy's serene and sunny nature appear to be dauntless . . . 
Blessed with the soul of a true artist, her beautiful drawings and original ex- 
pressions are the joy of many an English teacher . . . Famed fashion show 
model . . . Although soft-spoken, Mindy is known for her subtle humor and 
easy wit . . . It's no wonder that she's a favorite of most teachers since sin- 
cerity, demureness and modesty make quite a list of assets. 

Poster Committee; Model, Fashion Show; Choir; Scenery, School Produc- 
tion; Art Committees. 


-jNgnn^ wt nojun 


Getting thrown out of class the first day, Miriam certainly made a name for 
herself . . . Attorney for the defense ... A part-time Da Vinci . . . The artistic 
head of the M.F. of L. . . . Goldberg with the golden locks . . . The only one 
who can do justice to Miss Orlik and manage to hog the volleyball during 
science . . . Although creatively talented. Miss Tausky thought that "spellast- 
ically" she was deficient, so Miriam started from the bottom . . . Our mother 
confessor and the girl who saved the man on the subway, Miriam's name will 
not only be carved on our desks, but also in our hearts. 

Class Vice President; Scenery Head, "My Fair Lady"; Basketball Team; Vol- 
leyball Team; Poster Committee; Art Committee, Thoughts and Fichanet; 
Maccabiah; Big Sister. 


Sixty two inches of dynamite — Beware!!! ... Let this little package explode 
and you're in for mischief and trouble . . . Her collection of unexcused ad- 
mits is proof enough that Mr. Lilker is not an avid believer in stalled Bronx 
trains . . . Her favorite topics? — the Mets and Eugene McCarthy, but we pre- 
fer her discourses on Hebrew-speaking snakes . . . Either finishing crossword 
puzzles or attending one of her own poetry recitals ... An extreme advocate 
of play before work . . . play during work . . . play after work, our raven- 
haired pixie is the extra pinch of spice that is sure to blow your mind. 

Class Treasurer; Class Debating Manager; "Anne Frank"; Volleyball Team; 
Courier; Booster; Drama Club; English Oratorical Contest; Class Historian; 
Class Plays; Big Sister. 


whether smuggling herself out of Belgium or sending coded letters to Viet- 
nam, Suzy still finds time to giggle when that irresistible urge strikes . . . Our 
red-headed rascal and maracas-packing ball of fire . . . could she be having 
convulsions right on stage? . . . Straviiberries anyone? . . . Cute and Kurt . . . 
Keeps the home economics class hemmed-up in stitches . . . Cecilia Suzette 
has shown that redheads can have more fun, more talent, more warmth, 
more spirit, and more name than they'll ever need. 

Band; "Sound of Music"; Dancing and Chorus, School Productions; Booster; 
Drama Club; Dance Festival; Hebrew Oratorical Contest; Class Play. 


Vnn n^n 

nnnn n^ nnniNi nimu 

Editor-in-Chief of the Courier . . . happiness for Harriette is meeting a dead- 
line . . . found herself in the "dilemma" of choosing between two boxes . . . 
"Miss Cross, your office is calling you" ... As a girl of many talents — singing, 
dancing, and foreign languages, "Harry" can "smile" in any tongue . . . De- 
manded the formation of an actresses' guild to secure for herself the coveted 
role of "Wendy the Living Doll" . . . Convinced us all to buy Duz Soap Suds 
when she became a T.V. commercial . . . Aliya lies in her future path . . . 
Short on hair and immense in personality. Miss Gross is anything but! . . . 

Editor, Courier; Class Vice President; Arista; Class Debater; Booster; Chorus, 
School Productions; Dance Festival; Class Plays; Arista Play. 



whether it's eating salami sandwiches or hangin' around the lounge, our 
genuine gem is never idle . . . Judy's got that certain smile that can brighten 
any rainy day . . . Rabbi Gold's foremost ... no. Rabbi Perlman's hang-up - 
. . . Runs a close second in the race for mispronounced last names . . . From 
steno to gym and art to home-ec, Judy gets away with it all . . . Does every- 
thing one is supposed to do to in order to get into trouble . . . but is never 
too successful . . . could it be her quiet charm and persuasive manner? . . . 
Judy's serene and soft-spoken exterior holds a warm and friendly heart. 

Class Vice President, Treasurer; Booster; Drama Club; CO. Alternate; Art 
Committee; Big Sister. 



D^'iPnQjT] "pinnn nuT] i^sn '•Tun nu 

The envy of all senior girls . . . it's not everyone who has a hotel to rest up in 
. . . (provides ample entertainment) ... La Reine Malkie . . . has been an ex- 
uberant cheerleader from the start . . . Her madcap vigor for anything from 
hashkapha to math to messieurs has left her breathless . . . and has kept us 
on the move with her "killer" instincts . . . She who laughs with teacher, 
flunks last ... A bubble of fun . . . Dancing from the "Sound of Music" to 
"Oliver" and into our hearts as well. 

Captain, Cheerleaders; Head, Rikud; Head, Modern Dance; Dancing, 
School Production; Class Plays. 

ryji^s ntt^x 


un^n nnij Dipnn nn UD^n nnu mnnn miia ^3 

Author of the current best-seller, "How to Publish the Seven-Day Magid in 
Six Days Without Losing Any Sleep Over It," Eleanor catches her well- 
earned 45 winks in a variety of classes . . . Mr. Schwartzbard's Feigele . . . 
A convincing Chanah Senesh . . . "But Mr. Steif, I have to eat, you know" 
. . . Our own Shlomo Hamelech, Eleanor undertook the construction of the 
third Beis Hamikdash . . . Long after we leave this venerable institution, the 
cry "Gurell, Gurell, aifo Gurell" will echo through the halls. 

Editor, Hamagid; Class President; Arista; Junior Debating Team; Drama Club; 
Publicity Committee; Chagim, Milon Poster Committees; Library; Choir; 
Scenery, School Production. 



nnN nimT] n^M:i\) .i]'?]^] m ninn ^d 

Deputy's deputy . . . Mr. Cohen's Eleanor Roosevelt ... El Capitaine to us! 
. , . Ellen rose from secretary of the school in her junior year to tenth period 
truant officer in her senior year . . . Always smiling, giggling, or sympathizing, 
Ellen nonetheless finds time for her daily tete-a-tete with Mr. Stahl (during 
his class time, of course) . . . Remembered best for her "roles" in "Oliver," 
"Anne Frank," and "My Fair Lady" — from props to director to producer . . . 
Part-time philosopher and all-time favorite, here's to Central's future "princi- 

Secretary, CO.; Director, "Anne Frank"; Producer, "My Fair Lady"; Head 
Props, "Oliver"; Head, Welcome Freshmen; Choir; Tutor; Big Sister. 

t\'n na^tt 

D^^j m vw '^n^ 


"May I leave the room?" . . . Advocator of free speech, free guitar lessons, 
and free food, our vivacious veep is either masterminding a musical medley 
or campaigning to raise the "Gold" standard . . . "My name is Herman 
Shtrook!" . . . This poetic troubadour expresses herself well in Spanish, 
Russian, and Hebrew, give or take a bissel Yiddish . . . "Anybody here got 
an aspirin?" . , . From the Beatles to bathrooms, and Bromo Seltzer to Bo- 
hemia . . . Don't mess with G-d ... a less conspicuous member of Martin 
and Friends, Ltd. . . . This rebel songstress and her guitar will soon take their 
place with the rest of Israel's hippies. 

Vice President, CO.: Director, "Anne Franl<"; Class Vice President; Arista; 
Head, Band; "Brigadoon"; Props and Scenery, School Productions; Dance 
festival; English Oratorical Contest; Biographer; Thoughts; Big Sister. 


ng^u la^n wrw t^d in 

The originator of cow vocals in our Navi class . . . Started her freshman 
Chanukah vacation early ... "1 know your kind, cookie" . . . "But Mrs. Fas- 
kowitz, I didn't say anything" . . . Yearly owner of the lost and found locker 
. . . "Mr. Lilker, I haven't had a fight with you lately" . . . Became Rabbi Perl- 
man's right arm with her famous line: "Vote for me, you'll get rich" . . . 
Ignorance is bliss . . . Expert at getting teachers to raise her grades . . . Pos- 
sessor of a photographic memory ... a Hebrew whiz . . . Haber's neighbors 
will never forget her. 

Class Treasurer; Arista; Head Librarian; Hamvaser; Hebrev 
Bowl; CO. Alternate; Choir; Big Sister. 

High School 


wm nn'pi n^D 


The condition of Paul McCartney's hangnail? . . . Just call Ita, if you can catch 
her between bongo sessions, arguments, comedy routines, Beatle concerts, 
record cuttings and misunderstandings with teachers . . . Her motto? — Never 
trust a teacher . . . The all time Navi-lvrit fan, Ita has managed to get through 
Central without opening "too many" books . . . Assistant creator of all 
tenth period cow vocals . . . Took the biggest bow in the "Sound of Music" 
. . . Unbelieveable — 739 penpals ... An asset to the Boom-Boom of the 
Rubber Banned ... If ever in need of guidance in matters of school or just 
a good laugh — see Ita! 

Band; Class Debater; Biographer. 



T\]Tnr\ ^32 nmwm 

Dubbed "twinkle-toes Heiselore," Amy has managed to while away the hours 
of the past four years as basketball star, amateur artist, bio whiz, and literary 
co-editor of the Elchanet . . . Dancing from Fred Berk to Carnegie Hall . . . 
this dimpled Jerseyite is hep on our more prominent neuropsychological 
aspects ... A fervent admirer of Kahlil Gibran . . . and the posters on her 
walls . . . Took it all off when she got her first micro-mini haircut . . . Her 
condition as Lucy was enlarged in Charlie's chem room . . . Our one and 
only poetic mathematician . . . Amy is "one of those" who are loved and 
admired by us all. 

Class President; Assistant Literary Editor, Elchanet; Arista; Captain, Basket- 
ball Team; Volleyball Team; Class Debater; Dancer and Chorus, School 
Productions; Dance Festival; School Play; Big Sister; Chanukah Chagiga. 


nnuj um n^Ei' nn 


Notoriously known as the benevolent brown-haired beauty, Leslie occas- 
ionally transforms herself into an eclat of effervescent energy ... As pro- 
moter of the anti-Charlie Brown campaign, Leslie never-the-LES found 
chemistry almost "enjoyable" . . . Who needs Dior? ... a jumper labeled 
"Kamelhar" is all the prestige you need . . . Billy Budd anyone? . . . Would 
you believe a debate? . . . How about guitars, earrings, and Washington 
Square? . . . Her June protest march in cap and gown will surely launch her 
well onto the long awaited road back to "normalcy." 

Arista; Class Officer; Class Debating Manager; Props, School Productions; 
Choir; Class Plays; Tutor; Big Sister. 


n^n nn»«j 

D"'J9 au'' nDtu 21 

Despite her residence in a chocolate lover's paradise, Sharon has nearly dis- 
integrated because of her weight watcher's extravaganzas . . . (proof that 
even "Kleiner" people can have enough will power for two) . . . Brings out 
a smile in Rabbi Eliezri ... and the tiger in Harry . . . Our Brooklyn accented 
linguist, brings a little hot air into Dr. Pascal's class with her staunch "close 
window" policies . . . Has amassed "mounds" of service credits . . . would 
you believe by being CO. alternate? ... All in all, Sharon has shown that 
sweets really do run in the family. 

Class Officer; Head, Costume Committee, "Anne Frank"; Welcome Fresh- 
men; Class Plays. 



"Captain Courageous" of the Boosters, Esther's endearing charm and bub- 
bling warmth have served her well as she has bravely attempted to convince 
at least one wayward booster to attend a game . . . Besides being the Rubber 
Banned's go-go dancer, Esther possesses a truly operatic voice and that 
"certain touch" with the tambourine ... Is it true this gym instructor gets 
all her exercise during Latin? . . . "But I just can't understand why 'He' got so 
angry! After all, I did build the snowman in His likeness!" . . . Sympathetic 
(I'm going to cry!), easily astonished (you're kidding!), and completely lov- 
able — no, Esther, we kid you not. 

Captain, Boosters; Band; Costume Committee, School Production; Poster 
Committee; CO. Alternate; Choir; Big Sister. 


nnn^nj^ iini 'n ini n7Ji? u 

Our star glass-tube breaker, Rebecca finally got to hold Mr. Stahl's hand (or 
was it vice-versa?!) . . . Meet our Hebrew Emily Post . . . R. G.'s musar nudge 
. . . Mrs. Levinson's op art producer . . . Playfully reprimanded many a teacher 
with her "That's not nice, .Moreh!" . . . Dissatisfied with the active life of a 
basketball player, Rebecca went into the more relaxed business of under- 
taking . . . Effusive and effervescent everything girl — now, wasn't that daily 
trudge from Monsey worth it? 

Class Vice President; Class Debater; Basketball Team; Booster; "Oliver"; 
Hamvaser; Hebrew Oratorical Contest; Volleyball Team; Biographer. 


vrm in n^ajj 


Always ready to do a favor — that's Judy ... An avid reader of "How to be 
a Good Jewish Mother," Judy's just practicing . . . Drives teachers batty 
by splitting ends, manicuring nails, and playing with silly putty ... An ex- 
cellent athlete, she's certainly an asset to the team . . . Through the combi- 
nation of self-control and starvation, her perpetual diets bring results . . . 
Had Mr. Lilker pouring out the drinks and the seniors pouring out of 
classes . . . Though sometimes Judy may seem a bit befuddled, we know 
she's only a lot beALVINized. 

Class Treasurer; Basketball Team; 
bating Team; Chess. 

Volleyball Team; Booster; junior De- 

^:>'» mnsn 


njioj^ '7U 7Dn mini nnDnn nnng n^s 

Was the sole producer of live entertainment during our freshman music 
classes with her recorder (not a flute) . . . Would you believe my grandpa 
was Samson Raphael Hirsch? . . . Would you believe my great-grandpa? . . . 
A frequent latecomer, Debra uses her fantastic imagination to get admitted 
. . . (lives five blocks away from the school) . . . Our emergency Hebrew typ- 
ist .. . Mrs. Finnigan is Debby's fave teacher . . . (Wonder why Mrs. Finnigan 
decided to leave?) . . . Pensive and quiet, Debby has managed to get by in 
Central without too much work . . . With a whacky combination of music and 
math, Debby is certain to make it big! 

Class Vice President; Arista; Band; "My Fair Lady"; Librarian; Choir; Class 
Plays; Typist, Hamagid. 




Smilin' Shonie . . . soft-spoken, scholarly, sincere ... all sugar and spice 
... or is it peaches and cream? . . . Our class "professional question-to-get- 
off-the-topic" asker, Shonie all the same remains a true believer in musar 
. Why did she get along so well with Mr. Stahl? . . . Athens and tuna 
fish . . . Sherlock Holmes and Reb Chaim ... Got into an embarrassing sit- 
uation in Ivrit — Rabeinu Gershon, where were you when 1 needed you? . . . 
Mr. Levin's girl scientist and our Spanish speaking mathematician . . . Ri- 
shona, Rishona Chaviva! 

Class Treasurer; Class Debating Manager; Props Committee, School Pro- 
duction; Poster Committee; Librarian; Big Sister. 



TOJDTDn \]T un 

Ever receive a get-well poem while sitting in class? ... a good-bye card? ... a 
wake-up note? . . . You can be sure it's from Clara . . . Has been asked to 
leave class and the office on various occasions for various reasons . . . (would 
you believe a noisy radiator?) . . . Clara sometimes gives the appearance of 
being quiet and shy, but we know better . . . Her imagination and way-out 
compositions startle even herself . . . transformed a curvy parabola into a 
graceful parabella . . . Intimate friends with Miss Alice in Wonderland, the 
Trojans, and Monday nights . . . Cheers to a jolly good fellow! 

Class Treasurer; Courier; Hamvaser; Librarian; Chorus, School Production; 
Choir; CO. Alternate; Class Plays; Scenery Committees; Big Sister. 


An annual commuter to Kiryat Mattersdorf, our yearbook editor is forever 
busy . . . cramming for Chumash during Ivrit ... for Ivrit during English . . . 
and "eternally" occupying tfie teacfiers with nods, smiles, and deep ques- 
tions ... A tisket, a tasket, a ball in the basket . . . Managed to miss the first 
two periods and spend the rest of the day in the office . . . Champion of the 
underdog, Barbara has spoken up when the situation called for it — or even 
when the situation didn't call for it . . . Yearbook squabbles anyone? . . . 
Chief Justice Newton to the rescue! ... All hail our favorite honor student, 
latecomer, and all-round fun promoter! 

Editor-in-Chief, Elchanet; Class President; Arista; "Oliver"; "My Fair Lady"; 
Class Debater; Basketball Team; Choir; Scenery Committees; Big Sister. 


nnnr wt] cin n^ 


ni^i^ nniJi diud^ noji? 

Our aspiring Rebbetzin, Sharon can always be counted on to find the better 
side of everyone . . . Rabbi Shkop's favorite question-asker . . . Leader of 
Rabbi Eliezri's fan club . . . Sharon is our first-rate "peirush" fabricator and 
deep thinker . . . nearly put the Rambam out of business! . . . Her artistic 
talents gained her the coveted and cherished position of Mrs. Levinson's 
"darling" . . . Equipped with patience and a flashing smile, is it any wonder 
this Young Israelite is the most popular group leader there? 

Class Officer; Class Debater; Junior Debating Team; Scenery, School Pro- 
duction; Art Committees; Welcome Freshmen; Big Sister. 


A wild combination of math genius, debating dynamo, and Spanish maven, 
Ruthie is always the most prepared for a test and the first to vote for a 
postponement . . . Kept the steno class well stocked with carrots . . . can be 
counted on to supply any diversion at all times . . . Neater and more effi- 
cient than a typewriter . . . But, "No poetry for thee, my deprived sweetie," 
said Rabbi P . . . Driven to school in Governor Scranton's limousine, only to 
be pursued by Mrs. Streifer's searching party, Ruthie's charm and capti- 
vating smile are her passports to heaven. 

C/ass Treasurer; Arista; Class Debater; Booster; Hebrew Oratorical Contest; 
Tutor; Biographer; Chagim Poster Committee; Scenery Committee; Class 
Plays; Big Sister. 


^Rim' viH ...'73U nnn'?! ,13 ^3 '?u q^i 

Mr. Klein's prize student, Janie and snif(f) seem inseparable ... A frequent 
class treasurer and an infrequent school attender (sniff) . . . Only Janie un- 
derstood what Rabbi Neiss was too embarrassed to reveal . . . (By the way, 
did you know that Pfifferling means mushroom? . . . Yek, Yek, Yek!) . . . 
Latin linguist, hailed Hebraist, and dancing devotee . . . Gentle, feminine, and 
refined, Janie is truly a lady . . . but don't be fooled by her calm exterior — 
this fiery Zionist possesses a quiet resolve, strong determination and fervent 
zeal which are unequaled and unsurpassed. 

Class President, Secretary-Treasurer; Arista; Dancing, School Productions; 
Dance Festival; Rikud; Booster; Hebrew Oratorical Contest; Choir; Wel- 
come Freshmen; Decoration Committee. 


D^j^D n^^^^'Dn njLuiQJ 


If black robes make a judge, heah comes Zeena ... A latecomer to Central, 
this kooky kid has giggled her way into our hearts . . . and onto our teacher's 
Delaney cards . . . Abstains from the meatier things in life ... A fully dressed 
Lady Godiva till she started her yearly pilgrimages to Kenneth's . . . about 
the dressing bit, Zeena loves to ... in homemade originals ... A future 
fashion designer, she may end up in Paris — If she can ever learn the lan- 
guage! . . . Getting back to art, refer to her math notebook, English note- 
book, history ... If you don't love our Zeena, "you're out of your mind!" 

Class Vice President; "My Fair Lady"; Booster; Scenery, Costumes, School 
Productions; Maccabiah; Poster Committees. 


ni9^ D^js laDn uim ^3 br n^apn 

The mouse that roared . . . Around mid-sophomore year it was decided that 
Sara was too nervous for a "young child" . . . "But Dr. Pascal, I can't help 
shaking my leg" . . . Miss Rosen then decided to start taking life as it comes 
. . . and we're sure glad she did! . . . Became a one girl volleyball team ... A 
missing 95 in history, then "aifo hameah?" — Sara is always striving to hit the 
mark . . . Blessed with the wit of a professional satirist . . . Sassy Sara sacri- 
ficed prime Ivrit time ironing her wet skirt ... So, if you're posen' any 
questions to Sara, better be ready to smile! 

Class President; Choir. 

naia h^"^ 


nr^Jin p^sn n9 

A match for even Russell Baker, Sandi's wit and humor extend from her 
newspaper columns to her plays and songs . . . not to mention her class- 
room antics ... To start the '69 anti-administration campaign, Sandi taught 
us a belligerent rain dance ... A whacky blend of the Village and the Lower 
East Side . . . Mr. Stahl, when was the last time you received a Valentine? 
(before the happening, we mean?) . . . Head of our lost literature book com- 
mission . . . Our hysterical historian's imagination and creativity will rapidly 
take her to the top! 

Arista; Class Debating Manager; Courier; Choir; Head, Chagim Poster Com- 
mittee; Scenery, Props, School Productions; Class Historian; Maccabiah; 
Big Sister. 



nn u)iw nnEQji iiujuj 

introducing Miss Reichman — popularly acclaimed the nuttiest, chattiest, 
and most admirable senior to date . . . Remembered best for her daring and 
ingenious works of mischief, this mathematician is never afraid to ask the 
unanswerables ... An "artless" victim of the Dreyfus Case Revisited . . . Dis- 
missed from music class for playing musical chairs . . . NOTE-orious for having 
revisited the freshman Chumash class . . . Having cooked, debated, sewed, 
and cheered, Rachel is off to charm the human race. 

Class Treasurer; Class Debater; School Debating Team; Cheerleader; 
Model, Fashion Show; Chorus, School Production; Librarian; Maccabiah. 


aiu iTDQJT] DQj niu 

Long blond hair and big blue eyes are the trademark of this Swiss recruit 
. . . Lucy sits through many a Hebrew class with a look of infinite patience 
. . . Head of the Apathy Rebellion, she gave up basketball to master the New 
York Times crossword puzzle . . . Lucy and her associate bless their long hair 
four times a year . . . This mathematician's chefs d'oeuvres have spruced up 
many an art class ... A fashion show model on stage and off, Lucienne pos- 
sesses a high degree of haute couture and feminine mystique. 

Basketball Team; Volleyball Team; Model, Fashion Show; CO. Alternate. 



niQDn iipT] unij '?nj 

who couldn't love a girl named Nelly Belle Clancy? . . . Our mischievous 
mastermind and master of wit, Nava has made these past four years more 
bearable . . . Outgoing and friendly, she's never at a loss for words — "But, 
Rabbi Eliezri, you know how honeymoons are!" ... A highly gifted writer, 
actress, and part-time psychologist . . . Bike-riding to school, jumping over 
garbage cans and sporting Oxfords, this tomboy took fourth year French 
as part of her campaign as a jeune fille . . . But don't worry, Nav, you're 
still "HaNava Babanot!" 

Class President; Editor, Thoughts; Class Debating Manager; "My Fair Lady"; 
"Oliver"; Dramatics Club: Model, Fashion Show; Choir; English Oratorical 
Contest; Biographer; Maccabiah; Class Plays; Big Sister; Scenery Com- 



lUH DiiPna n^nji niin 

Aha! But Rhein makes it on time, be it rain or shine! . . . "If you don't 
watch out, I'll get my big brother(s) after you" . . . "But, Rabbi Solnica, it 
can be proven in three steps. Why go through fifteen?" . . . Our Arista presi- 
dent . . . considers taking a crash course in Ulpan . . . cordially "invites" 
Arista members to meetings ... To this day is still trying to disprove Mrs. 
Stern's theory that she is deaf . . . Always cheerful, always smiling . . . Sup- 
plied a fresh, new outlook on the nature of Rachav . . . Our calmly frantic 
Gusty causes a tempest wherever she goes, and like Augustus of old, she's 
off to conquer the world! 

President, Arista; Class President; "Oliver"; "Brigadoon"; High School 
Bowl; Class Debater; /unior Debating Team; Librarian; Choir; CO. Alter- 
nate; Tutor; Chanukah Chagiga; Maccabiah; Big Sister. 



Princess of the Senior class and leader of the passive-resistance movement, 
Cathy radiates a beauty and nobility unique to her . . . This gifted English 
student conceals a pensive intellect and tongue-in-cheek humor . . . Latin 
drop-out and literary drop-in . . . Cathy's ambience is reflected in her artis- 
tic expressions . . . Has sent many teachers climbing the walls . . . Mrs. Struck- 
ler never did find you in that bathroom, did she? ... If not sunning in 
Florida, she frequents Albany — not to visit the governor . . . How about the 
presidency, Cathy? 

Class Vice President. 


nnujN'i nua niNi 


When the "Chips" were down, Faith stuck to her guns despite Stern warn- 
ings . . . Tagged "Rotten" by Mr. Steif . . . Made a Yiddish hit with her French 
accent, go-go earrings, and all around love for fun and games . . . Our 
favorite athlete . . . would rather switch than fight which accounts for her 
changing from class A to B and from B to A ... A member of the "we-iove- 
chemistry-club" . . . Always a jumper ahead of the home-ecqnomic-ally 
inclined . . . Her message to the world? — "Keep the Faith, baby!" 

Class President; Arista; "My Fair Lady"; Assistant Captain, Basketball Team; 
Booster; CO. Alternate; Class Play. 



nun qoDa '2\?{n' r^ 

Maddi believes that G-d gave us a mouth so that we should put it to use— 
and why waste a good thing? . . . Push a button and she sings, dances, and as 
a bonus gives a discourse on "How to Dress Warmly and Still Look Normal" 
... An expert on which teachers are really despicable . . . Enhances any 
fashion show despite her diets of skim milk, celery, and Boston cream pie 
with vanilla fudge . . . French is blase' but now that she's taking art, 
Russian's O.K. . . . Possessor of an indescribable personality, Maddi is as nutty 
as a fruitcake and twice as delicious! 

Class President; Class Debater; Booster Leader; Model, Fashion Show; 
Dancing, Chanukah Chagiga; Costumes, School Productions; Welcome 
Freshmen; Big Sister. 


Often the only one who knows what's going on in a French class, Mindy 
brightens up our days with her sudden "hair-raising" inspirations and com- 
plicated verbiage . . . Head of Central's elite High School Bowl Team ... An 
ardent biology student, Mindy and her scientific method are always a suc- 
cessful team . . . Spent a summer in Y.U. classrooms, wishing she could re- 
main there right through June . . . Loved by her teachers as well as by us, 
we are sure Mindy will leave her mark on the world. 

Captain, High School Bowl; Arista; Class Debater; Courier; Junior Debating 
Team; Milon Poster Committee; Hebrew Oratorical Contest; Biographer; 
Tutor; Big Sister. 



im DDnni nnDn^ m 

Our "smart alec" and champion gum-chewer . . . Who can forget Mrs. 
Strauss's Shatovitz and Mr. Steif's Shuch? . . . Taking her critic's advice to 
heart, Anne bucl^led down to the more serious business of winning "trifling" 
Merits and soaring high on boring aptitude tests ... A math whiz despite 
Miss Adierblum's claims otherwise . . . How come Shuch is always coming 
late? ... Is it only because she lives in Newark? . . . Beyond those piercing 
black eyes, lies a maturity and keen understanding which are unmatched. 

Class Vice President; Junior Debating Team; Dramatics Club; Choir; 
Scenery, Props, School Productions; Scenery Committees; Big Sister. 


n^nn^nni n^ojunn hnj 


Quiet, serene Barbara delights us with her subtle flashes of humor . . . Our 
cute recruit from the other side . . . always dressed to a "J" even down to 
her matching socks . . . Will remain unforgettable in the hearts of 5B for her 
report on Thurber — sent not only us but Miss Grossman into fits of hysteria 
. . . Her interest in boys is more than artistic ... A firm believer in contact 
lenses, she nevertheless approves of "Glasses" . . . From advice on how to 
cope with a troublesome boyfriend to help with making a dress, consult 

Class President, Vice President; Choir; Poster Committees. 


Energetic Ruthie has been a constant source of embarrassment to the 
Geritol people . . . Director of "Oliver" . . . undaunted debator . . . walking 
dictionary . . . Israeli dancer . . , Ruthie nevertheless finds time for Bnei 
Akiva rallying and tuna fishing . . . the only senior on a first name basis with 
Reb Chaim . . . We're still shocked about that MacDougall affair . . . guess 
you must have lost him somewhere on that "Happy Journey" . . . Kadima 
Lehachshara . . . History-minded, she has proven that although malachim 
cannot fill two capacities at once, our roguish Ruthie certainly can! 

Director, "Oliver"; "My Fair Lady"; Arista; Class Debating Manager; 
Cheerleader; Director, "Happy Journey"; Dancing, School Production; High 
School Bowl; School Plays; Dance Festival; Biographer. 


Judy was all broken up about being transferred from Miss Tausky's English 
class to Mrs. Stern's — and she had a cast to prove it . . . Shake a leg, break 
a leg, what's the difference? . . . How does she manage to send l?abbi 
Neiss into such fits (of laughter, of course!) . . . Forced Mrs. Rochlin to do 
headstands in order to read her map . . . Even out of class she can be heard 
— cheering at games and singing at school productions . . . Pensive and 
philosophical . . . cute and pert look-alike of Audrey Hepburn . . . her 
twinkling and expressive eyes reveal the warmth and sensitivity that is she. 

Class Vice President; Typist, Elchanet; Class Debater; Booster; Chorus, 
School Productions; Class Plays; Tutor; Maccabiah; Art Committees; Big 


u'^]^ naiji iaiin npinn 

Our official curtain-puller . . . "How should I know how they tore?" . . . Roz 
has managed to argue her way through four years of Central while remain- 
ing in Mr. L's good graces . . . "He never yelled at me once — maybe he 
doesn't love me?" . . . Central's answer to Mr. Kenneth ... A whiz at math 
and a graceful dancer . . . The pride and joy of Mrs. Streifer's steno class — 
few will ever be able to take advantage of her notes . . . Her motto, "What's 
in a name?", avoids any unnecessary connections between staff and student 
. . . This veritable queen of Central will long reign in our hearts. 

Class Vice President; Arista; Curtain Operator, School Productions; Scenery, 
School Production; Tutor; Class Plays; Welcome Freshmen; Dance Festival. 

n^S nnt> 

^■pnnn N^n 'n t\rt hqjn 


Our budding photographer . . . "Hey, Bud, can I take your picture?" ... Al- 
though a serious minded student and a Bas Torah in every respect. Sherry 
takes time out in order to entertain us . . . Would you believe coming to 
school via pogo stick during the transit strike? . . . Turned our world history .. 
class into a lunch period . . . Mrs. Pearlman's prize student . . . Rabbi Pearl- J 
man's competition in the photography race . . . Switched to the A class as a 
reward(?) . . . The terror of Mrs. Streifer's steno class. Sherry's hand is 
never short when it comes to helping a friend in need. 

Photography Editor, Elchanet; Class Treasurer; Basketball Team; Hamagid; 
Hamvaser; Elchanet Typist; Big Sister. 



n''J9 ^u [?in^ nai nnDnn "-i^itj n^j^'ua 

A cache of casual calamity, Lili's wit and creative ability are unsurpassed . . . 
as literary editor of the Elchanet, Lili really got the ball rolling on biographies, 
class histories, extrospection essays, and all night "staff orgies" . . . Kept 
the class rolling with her Latin "bangs," and diligence in class that earned 
her perennial zeros . . . What was the class president doing with broom in 
hand, shoes off, and a missing lens in her eye? . . . Truly the paradigm of 
poetic sensitivity, "Amyability," and "Boosteressness" . . . Say, is it true that 
Lili's favorite subject is "histeria?!" 

Literary Editor, Elchanet; Class President; Arista; Captain, Boosters; Courier; 
Thoughts; Hamvaser; Model, Fashion Show; Director, Competitive Assem- 
bly; Class Plays; Maccabiah; Scenery Committees; Big Sister. 


URin ns'i ^DQj nniu 


The only one who can really discuss the Korean problem with Rabbi Neiss, 
Ann packs a punch that easily makes up for her lack of inches . . . Sporting 
one of the shortest haircuts around and enough greenery in her eyes to 
match Mrs. Rochlin's tropical rain forest . . . Excels in mathematically stump- 
ing our pedagogues . . . maintains the bureau of S.LI. M.S. — the salvation of 
underachieving math students . . . Has proven that volleyballs make passes 
at girls who wear sunglasses ... A sincere friend and a girl whose exuberant 
energy is manifested in her every step, we know Ann will go far. 

Class President; Booster; Tutor; Big Sister. 



un^a nnTDQj nnj 

The chairman of Mrs. Bingham's get-out-of-here committee, Ellen has 
managed to reach us from the outer limits . . . Our blond barometer . . . 
"Oh, no, don't let the rain come down" . . . Everything's "relative" at Cen- 
tral . . . She even gets her mail here . . . Who else could convince Rabbi 
Solnica that her piggy bank was for Pe'eylim? . . . Never caught without her 
brother's shirttail, and a facial expression for every occasion . . . Our tomboy 
turned bombshell, Ellen will always add zip and energy (both potential 
and kinetic) wherever she goes. 

Class President, Treasurer; Class Debater; Costumes Head, "My Fair Lady"; 
Volleyball Team; Maccabiah; Big Sister. 


n^QjuT] Dnuiun i^^n' 


The source of class C's historia homework . . . The girl with the most photo- 
static notes . . . Cilda is an expert musar demander and staller for time . . . 
our private entertainer ... an ardent page turner, she disturbed the hushed 
atmosphere of Mrs. Finnigan's class . . . Gilda is often heard jingling her 
tzedakah box and vociferously demanding that someone pay up . . . One of 
the more conspicuous members of Marty and his Hili chums, Ltd . . . Mr. 
Klein's ready mascot . . . Diligent, outspoken, and fast moving, Gilda's out- 
standing personality will lead her to certain success. 

Class Secretary-Treasurer; CO. Alternate; Usherette, School Production; 
Big Sister. 


why is it that a certain Ivrit class always spells trouble for Chumi? . . . Could 
it be her loose jaw? . . . Our own Van Cliburn, Chumi's musical talent amazes 
us — who says a piano can't swing? ... An ever-ready accomplice to crime 
. . . Has been twice inscribed on Miss Adierblum's expulsion list . . . Manages 
our legal finances, as well as our illegal classroom conversations ... A warm- 
hearted friend, Chumi's cute as a kitten and twice as sweet. 

Business Manager, Elchanet; Class Vice President; Props Committee Head, 
"Oliver", "My Fair Lady"; School Pianist; Band; Choir; Director, Competi- 
tive Assembly; Big Sister; Maccabiah. 

?7>{> Jin 

nn '?3 nojN nnujn njni 


If a smile were worth a thousand words, Ruthie would be the number-one 
best-seller . . . Our blushing beauty . . . The cutest, most feminine of athletic 
managers, Ruthie's always on the ball . . . Who says basketball games are for 
boy-watching? . . . Why, Ruthie never misses one . . . basket, that is . . . Pos- 
sesses the coveted combination of brains, looks, and charm . . . The back 
row's fuming mailman— threatens to strike or raise the postal rates . . . 
Ruthie's got what it takes — and that's a lot! 

Athletic Manager; Assistant Hebrew Editor, Elchanet; Class President; 
Arista; Class Debater; Basketball Team; Volleyball Team; Class Play; Big 



n^Nn "PD^ mil 

Able to talk her way into or out of anything and everything, Helen has 
baffled teachers by her mere presence . . . Mr. Klein's pet sloucher ... A 
frequent recipient of Rabbi N.'s D.M.'s . . . Short skirts, beware — Mr. L. is 
watching ... As far as debating goes, her artistic talent amazes us all . . . 
Those tinted glasses conceal more than just big brown eyes . . . Friendly 
and easy-going . . . Trauring should continue doing her thing — she must be 
doing something right! 

Class Vice President; Class Debater; Volleyball Team; Choir; Scenery Com- 
mittee; Big Sister. 


nT]Dn nun inj n^-n 

Feigy ... a fanfare of farcical frenzy, faithful friendships, and philosophical 
formulae . . . From D'Artagnan to Peter Pan, Feigy has bounced through the 
past four years in her own unique rabble-rousing inquisitive way . . . Finds 
it so hard to tear herself away from her many stimulating classes, that 
she leaves something of herself behind in each one . . . This jail-"bird" is 
a staunch crusader for unlimited cuts . . . The source of many a cryptic 
remark, beneath Feigy's seemingly slap-happy facade lies a perceptive 
mind and a deeply sensitive soul. 

Producer, "Anne Frank"; Class President; Arista; Class Debater; Booster; 
Drama Club; Choir; Biographer; Tutor. 



'^Riw'i imnD ui'iiu 

Our farmer's daughter . . . Bright, kind, conscientious, but above all — pre- 
pared . . . Gail is an ideal student ... an even better neighbor . . . The mo- 
ment our Dr. Blackwell hangs out her shingle, the male patients will come 
flocking . . . Director of our Arista play . . . "I'm not the one who's going to 
make a fool of myself up there!" . . . Pretty fashion model . . . harassed 
officer . . . ticket collector in distress . . . We love Gail in all her roles, even 
if our favorite policeman did desert her in her time of need. 

Arista, Vice President; Director, Arista Play; High School Bowl; Drama Club; 
junior Debating Team; Courier; Model, Fashion Show; Choir; Librarian; 
Scenery, School Production. 


nn'? nini d'^j^d ng^ 

School has been an amusing hobby to Miriam; something to do in her spare 
time . . . Miriam, alias Zelda Haussenfeffer, takes time from her interclass 
correspondence (saving many a grateful student from the perils of bore- 
dom) ... to run for janitor on the independent ticket ... A firm believer in 
extemporaneous debating . . . perfected writing with her left hand . . . Sui- 
cide notes should be written business style . . . Historiah expert, . . Talented 
Miriam's intelligent contributions and active participation in class discussions 
display her perception and lively imagination. 

Class President; Class Debater; Booster; Chagim Poster Committee; Dancing, 
School Production; Model, Fashion Show; Choir; Class Historian; Biogra- 
pher; Class Plays; Big Sister. 



niNJi 'JN nninoj 

Depressed? . . . Psychotic? . . . Naive? . . . Attend Madame Debbie's classes on 
how to be happy, sane, and informed in ten easy lessons . . . Our hysterical 
backseat driver shatters the quiet of an inspiring class with her "subtle" 
remarks . . . Though her oratory on blind dates was censored, the few copies 
we were able to smuggle through proved to be quite educational . . . Baby 
of the class . . . Her spontaneous discussion on mini-skirts proves she prac- 
tices what she preaches . . . One of Mr. Steif's "favored few", Debbie's a 
favorite among us too. 

Class President, Vice President; Cheerleader; English Oratorical Contest; 
Biographer; Class Plays. 


Her closely guarded secret about her relationship with the faculty was 
accidentally revealed when Sandy accusingly told the music teacher, "I'm 
going to tell Mommy on you!" . . . Marty's martyr as a result of our freshman 
follies, Sandy frequented the devil's domain , . . Decided to play the "Artful 
Dodger." — "I've got to pick a pocketbook or two!" . . . Has her own inter- 
pretation as to the importance of Passover ... An admirer of Rabbi Eliezri's 
tests . . . When the pay phone rings, you can be sure it's for Sandy . . . Thurs- 
day night's favorite free loader, Sandy is welcome by us any day of the week. 

Class Secretary-Treasurer; Choir; Class Plays. 



mm ]TR'] 1^3 ^nng 

Ranging from Rabbi Solnica's pet peeve, to Mr. Cendell's "dear Anna," to 
Mrs. Finnigan's fox terrier, Annie's persistence fias kept many a teacfier on 
the ball . . . (They're still recuperating) . . . Her exuberant laughter has served 
as the background for a multitude of classes . . . Arista's gestapo agent . . . 
Has a reserved spot on the honor roll ... As Hebrevi/ editor of the year- 
book, she has had practice in driving people crazy (a sure sign of a good 
yearbook) ... A true Zionist, she is determined to earn her way to Aretz . . . 
A warm and loyal friend . . . Smiling, spirited, and scintillating, this girl is 
really sensational. 

Hebrew Editor, Elchanet; Class President; Arista; Drama Club; Chagim, 
Milan Poster Committees; Junior Debating Team; Librarian; Choir; Courier; 
Hamvaser; Scenery Committees; Big Sister; Class Plays. 

"Youth is not a 

time of life- 

-it is a 

state of mind . . . 

It is a temper 

of the 

will, a quality of the imagination. 

a vigor 

of the emotions. It 

is a freshness 

of the 

deep spring of life. " 

S. Ullman 



Thanks for being the first in the class of '69 to get en- 

Thanks for giving us all the hope that maybe there's a 
chance for each of us too someday. 

Thanks for teaching Rabbi Eliezri that if you're old 
enough to get engaged, you're old enough to drink, 

— and Rabbi Neiss that manicures are "historically" 
proven productive. 

Thanks for having let us be Mesameach Chattan Ve' 
Kallah (and missing three classes in the process.) 

And thanks for starting the good old cry of "Im 
yirtzeh Hashem by dir" reverberating down Cen- 
tral's otherwise cacophonic corridors. 


Weather Forecast: 
Unfair for 

Volume LXVI . .. Issue 1 

Price: 100, 150above the third floor. 

Where Were YOU 

When The Lights 

Went Oiit?^ 

This reporter was to have 
been granted an exclusive 
interview with the only girl 
to be caught in our school 
elevator during the Big 
Blackout. However, she is 
now recuperating in Belle- 
vue Hospital. 


The American Associa- 
tion of Citizenship Educa- 
tion Teachers announces a 
new course for teachers, 
entitled "The Importance of 
Cit. Ed.", beginning in 
February (if no importance 
is found bv then it will 
simply be called "Cit. Ed.") 
Due to the great demand, 
no teacher will be permitted 
to take the course for more 
than two weeks. The Amer- 
ican Association of Citizen- 
ship Education Teachers 
also wishes the 2A class 
lots of luck on their Cit. 
Ed. final. 

Health News 
Anybody with a sprained 
left ear who wishes an im- 
mediate and painless cure 
should contact Miss Sep- 
timus, who will bandage it, 
or Miss Alderblum, who 
will help you scratch it with 
her right hind leg. 
NOTE: Under no circum- 
stance should you go to the 
medical room seeking first- 
aid attention. 


Today is the 7,000th 
meeting of English 2A. To- 
day we learned that we 
must not play with buses. 
Our sincere get-well wishes 
to Mrs. Stern. 

Respectfully submitted, 


It was unanimously agreed by the 90 eminent music judges 
that Mr. Ludvig Von Beethoven wrote excellent lullabies. 
Unfortunately, their decision cannot be made public because 

the head judge, Mrs. Strauss, 
judges. A reward of $5,000 
is being offered to anyone 
who can. 

BONUS: A prize of 
$10,000 is off"ered to any- 
one who can solve this 
earth-shattering problem: 
What did Mr. L. V. B. 
carry around with him? 
(Hint: It is not a harpsi- 

Police Called To 462 
West 58th Street 

Today the Freshman gym 
class played a game of 
"Dodge the Flying Bottles." 
Many pupils barely es- 
caped the barrage of debris 
that zoomed out of a win- 
dow in a nearby building. 
Latest reports say that the 
attack was instigated by the 
Neighborhood Association 
for the Abolishment of 
Central Pupils. 

The first fire drill of 1965 
was marked by the disap- 
pearance of one freshman 
who had the ill fortune to 
be caught speaking to her 
neighbor. The poor girl has 
since promised that in the 
event that the school really 
starts burning, she won't 
say a word. 

It is a biological fact that 
99% of all "little sisters" 
are actually 93% bigger 
than 96% of all "big sis- 

Freshmen Win Intra- 
mural Debating and Lose 
Competitive Assembly . . . 
Better Luck Next Time!! 

is unable to wake the other 


Sound No. 1: 

"Whistle While You Work" 
as whistled by Mrs. Bing- 





Those were the days . . . 


when we prepared our 

Dear Rebbetzin Yent, 

We are in the middle of 
my first midterms. I have 
tripped over numerous hud- 
dles of girls on the stairs 
and have scouted the build- 
ing twice over, but I am 
still unable to find a quiet 
corner to study in. Every 
nook and cranny is taken. 

Crammed Crammer 
Dear Crammed, 

Studying is to be done at 
home. School is only for 
Dear R. Yent, 

While taking midterms I 
noticed some dishonesty 
during tests. I am appalled. 
School is an educational in- 
stitution, not a competitive 
circle for aggressors. 


Dear Outraged, 

For such an intelligent 
sounding girl, you've got a 
lotto learn! 
Dear Reb Y, 

As a Freshman in 
YUHSGM, I was very ex- 
cited to be accepted as a 
member of the cheering 
squad. But to my disap- 
pointment, I found that we 
only cheer for girls' games. 
Do we have any activities 
with our "brother schools"? 
Dear "Co-ed", 

Yes, graduation, if you 
last that long! 


Personal: I hereby absolve 
myself of all debts incurred 
by my Freshman class on 
their weekends in Queens 
and the Bronx. 

M. Lilker 

Wanted: A new invention 
that will enable motorists 
to open locked car doors 
from the outside when the 
key is left in the ignition. 
All potential genii contact 
Rabbi Solnica, Box 205 c/o 
The '69'er. 

For Sale: One receptacle, 
slightly used. Have dropped 

Our heartfelt condolences 
to Mr. Klein on the break- 
ing of his ruler. 

The Freshman class would 

like to publicly thank 

M*I*K*E Q*U*I*L*L 

and the Transit Workers 
Union for introducing the 
three-week intersession. 


Volume LXVII... Issue 2 


Although able to remember m 
tory. Class 3A members were 
names. A remarkable cure was 
Lilker. All memories re- 
turned as soon as the 10% 
mark reduction was admin- 

A team of investigators 
appointed by the administra- 
tion came up with the star- 
tling discovery that this 
outburst of amnesia im- 
mediately followed Mrs. 
Parker's brilliant innova- 

In The Valley oj The . . . 

If Mrs. Green had too 
much growth hormone, she 
would be Mrs. Green Giant. 
If she became corpulent be- 
cause of an inactive thy- 
roid, she would be Mrs. 
Jolly Green Giant. 


How many 3, 4, and 5, let- 
ter tests will we be taking 
before we graduate? (Ex: 
Winners coming within 5 
of the correct answer will 
receive a soft black #2 

any details of Ancient His- 
unable to remember their 
introduced by Dr. Martin 
tion — hot soup to be sold 
ice cold in the cafeteria be- 
tween the two bathrooms. 
A team of consulting spe- 
cialists, headed by Dr. 
Pascal, certified that this 
type of disease can only be 
transmitted by food. 
Can it be the mushrooms 
in the tomato soup? 

Epidemic of severe drowsi- 
ness hits 8th, 9th, and 10th 
periods. Suggested cure: a 
GOLDen lecture. 

Parlez-vous Biologie? 
It is our unfortunate duty 
to report that it is now 
illegal to study biology dur- 
ing French (even if you 
are having a quiz next pe- 
riod). Our thanks go, how- 
ever, to the attendance book 
collector who so generously 
spreads the news of the 
"surprise" quizzes. 


Sept: Girls, this math is so easy, we're going to finish it by 


Dec: I don't know who taught you girls to add but don't 

worry; we'll be finished by April. 

Apr: Girls, if you would have behaved, we would have been 

finished by now, but fear not — we'll still have ample time to 


June: Well, girls, I'm sure I've taught you to do at least four 

out of seven long answers, but pray just in case! 


Earrings made out of 
straws are hereby forbidden 
as it has been shown over 
and over and over again 
that such ornaments have 
a tendency to weigh you 
down five points! 

Sophs Choke on Ties 
The entire sophomore 
class choked to death today 
as the result of wearing 
ties. The blame is being put 
on the administration for 
not prohibiting the wearing 
of ties. The administration 
had this to say for itself: 
"Who wanted to be a party 
pooper? We never would 
have thought that there was 
something wrong with wear- 
ing ties." 

That's telling 'em, ad- 


Call the fire department! 
Chumash 3A is locked in 
again (or is somebody 
locked out?). Something 
must be done about room 
402. Unless a certain but- 
ton pusher shows up, they 
may find themselves locked 
in once more — after school! 

Interior Decorating Dept. 
The '69'er Most Beautiful 
Room on the Third Floor 
Award goes to room 304 
for its unusual wallpaper 
and brightly colored floor. 

Wealher Forecasl: 
100° on the first 
floor, -100° on 
the fourth floor. 

Price: Vincent 


Mazel Tov to FIGARO 
upon his recent marriage 

Personal to Rabbi Gold: In 
the final analysis, we leave 
things being as they may. 
You understand? 

Personal: John, John, 
please come down to the 

Lost: 1 necklace. Great 
personal and monetary 
value. Belongs to Queen, 
Reward. Contact D'Art- 
agnan. Box 307 c/o THE 

Froggie, please jump back 
into your jar. Unless you 
are found, I will have 70 
hysterical pupils on my 

Mrs. Green 

Mrs. Green, unless the 
working conditions improve, 
I will not return and I will 
organize my brothers in 


Our condolences to the 
Frogg family on the un- 
timely passing of their 
loved one. 

Medical News: Cyrano de 
Bergerac had a nose job! 

Sophomores Lose Competi- 
tive Assembly . . . Better 
Luck Next Time!! 

Dear Reb Yent, 


This school gives me 3 

Do more teachers give 

minutes to pack up, get up. 

high marks for intelligence 

run up, elbow through, sit 

or for diligent study? 

down, and open up before 


the second bell. What 

Dear Concerned, i 

should I do? 

Neither. Some teachers i 


mark on a curve, figura- 

Dear Rushed, 

tively speaking. 

Don't give up. Permit me 

to quote those eternal 
words: "May G-d grant 
you the strength and the 
courage to continue." 


THE '69ER 

Volume LXVIII . . . Issue 3 

Price: $1 in gold, $16 in silver. 


The Juniors recently con- 
ducted a survey to find out 
what the student-on-the- 
staircase thinks about our 
fine building. As one girl 
put it: "Es is nach fun de 
Baaba Lubke's tsayton." 

Juniors, we are the best . . . 
As we pass the mid-way 
mark, we now realize . . . 
we now realize . . . that we 
have another half to go!! 


Essay hint of the week: 
It's how long you make it, 
not how you you make it 

Civil War In Tarascon 
War has been declared in 
Tarascon, France. The 
loyalist forces, led by 
Tartarin-Quichotte, are def- 
initely defeating the forces 
led by Tartain-Sancho. 
Whatever the outcome will 
be, there will be grave re- 
percussions in Algeria. --~. 


1. Substitute of the Year 
Award presented to 

2. Handwriting Analyst of 
the Year Award pre- 
sented to RABBI 

Juniors Come In Second In First Maccabiah . . . Better Luck 
Next Time . . . Maybe We Should Have Tried Harder (we 
said we were only #2) . . . 


1 . A test a day keeps the Latin scholars away. 

2. When no admits are issued till ten after nine, that is the 
day that I get there on time. 

3. "Who is a mighty warrior? He who conquers his inclina- 
tion." — An Eco teacher. 

4. "Who is wise? He who learns from every man." — A for- 
mer Eco pupil. 

5. "Vu Hoenig, dort ffigen." — The "fligen" of Chumash 5A. 




Literary News: 
The Holy Book of the 
Month Club announces a 
name change to the Holy 
Book ofthe Week Club. 

Theater News: 
The Chemistry Players pre- 
sent a daily performance of 
"You're a Pretty Good 
Girl, Lucy", at 2:00 P.M. 
in Charlie's lab. 

Hit Parade: 
"Washington, Adams, Jef- 
ferson, etc. . . ." as sung 
by Ruth Silber. 

Fashion News: 
Skirts are going up and 
girls are going down. 

A rt News: 
The art gallery in room 
406 has been closed by 
orders of Mr. Klein. 


At the sound of the bell it 
will be exactly 8:49 and 3 



Help Wanted: Former sani- 
tation worker wanted to 
clear broken glass from 
around auditorium door 
and lab. 

Situation Wanted: Hebrew 
shorthand expert. 



(Also good on toes). 

Din Ve Cheshbone Surplus 
Stores announces big sale 
on used din ve cheshbone 
supplies. Large stock of 
books "ha moshech et ha 
lave". Also sweaters. 

Traveling? Fly With Cen- 
tral, the School That Of- 
fers you "Something Else". 

Fight Anti-Semitism!!! Ral- 
ly at 59th St. — Columbus 
Circle Subway Station on 
December 25. Come and 
wave your train passes!!! 

SIMPLE AS 1-2-3-4. 

Dear Reb Yent, 

I am looking for my 
anti-particle. Any sugges- 
tion as to how I can find 


Dear F.W., 

I suggest that you don't 
look here! 

Dear R.Y., 

My Chumash cover 
keeps coming off and this 
is the umteenth time I've 
been reprimanded. What 
can I do? 

Won't Stay On. 


Try the N.Y. Times, 
You don't have to use it 
all, but it's nice to know 
it's all there. 

Dear Reb Yent, 

This morning I was ab- 
ducted by three bearded 
men carrying knives, carried 
away in a car to Brooklyn 
and dumped into an alley 
when a police siren was 
heard. I took a cab down 
to school and rushed in. I 
received an unexcused late- 
ness because I had no note. 

Dear Bewildered, 

If you think that's bad 
wait till you hear this. In 
my Freshman year, the 
trains stalled and three 
boroughs came in late. We 
were all suspended for two 


I f Prince Filz 

Married Fitz Prince. 

We'd Have All The 

News That Was 

Fiiz"s to Prim. 

Volume LXIX . . 

THE '69ER 

Pictorial Weather 

Forecast: Rain. 

frizz, tears, and 

S5 apiece. 

Where Have All 
the People Gone?? 

According to a recent 
Galloping Poll, a shocking 
number of persons from the 
Class of '69 are missing — 
18 to be exact. Where have 
they all gone? Mr. Gal- 
loping isn't too sure, and 
the Establishment refuses 
to comment, saying that it's 
an inside matter. However, 
after looking at the re- 
mainder, one wonders what 
sort of hanky-panky is 
going on . . . 

Weather: Flood waters 

The refrigerator was in- 
vented by the man who put 
the heating system in room 

Five ways to get out of first 

1. Pray for snow. 

2. Ditto for blackout. 

3. Get engaged. 

4. Pretend to get engaged. 

5. Come a second late 
and run into Mr. Stahl. 


"Eve Got Rhythm," as 
hummed by the Radiator. 

Junta Overthrows Presi- 




The N.Y. State Scholar- 
ship Test will be given on: 

a) October 3, 1968 

b) October 24, 1968 

c) November 20, 1968 

d) November 26, 1968 

e) October 4, 1969 

The first 100 correct 
answers will receive an 
autographed picture of Al- 
bert Shanker. 

Kidnapping Plot 

A sinister plot was re- 
vealed today by Master De- 
tective Antoine Schwartz- 
bard, involving the kid- 
napping of 25 "good girls'" 
and replacing them with 
25 "bad girls". This trans- 
formation took place some- 
time between 3rd and 7th 
terms. When asked about 
the original group, M.S. 
replied, "1 don't know what 
happened to them. I think 
maybe a bad wind overtook 
them." Another possible 
solution could be brain- 
washing during 4th, 5th, 
and 6th terms by a certain 
other Ivrit teacher. 

With slogans such as 
"Bombs away with Wal- 
lace-LeMay" filling the 
air, the 8A class switches 
from physics to nuclear 

NOTE: The Sh'va Na is 
equal to a piece of plaster 


Very cold in Siberia and in 
room 307. 


A rumor has been going 
around that the weekly 
Musar program is to be 
terminated. We plead with 
Dr. Lewin and the Hebrew 
faculty to continue this 
worthwhile program. It 
is not an excuse to get out 
of 10 (or more?) minutes of 
class. It is not an oppor- 
tunity to fill in the letters 
of the "Maggid". 

Musar is as good as gold. 
Please, we need Musar be- 
cause we are morally bad! 

Music scholars have dis- 
covered that Road Runner 
runs to Liszt's Hungarian 

Heifitz fiddled while Miss 
Weissman "Birned". 

Central's High School 

Bowl Team switches to 


Boys defeat Pirates 4 — 3. 
Basketball Team runs out 

of excuses. 

Sorry I Said That: 

1. "That Arista Initiation 
reminds me of 'Peter 

2. "Our pictures will be 
back in just two weeks." 

3. "The scholarship test 
will be on Oct. 3. The 
school strike can't pos- 
sibly last that long." 

4. "But Rabbi Gold, we 
can't possibly finish 
fifteen perakim in two 

5. "I'm really worried 
about that music final. 
Maybe I should study on 
Tuesday so I'll be pre- 
pared for it". 

6. "Who am I to disappoint 
my women?" 

7. "Mr. Stahl, will you 
give me a disease?" 

8. "If you have to — go 


Wanted: One Coke ma- 
chine to be installed in Mr. 
Steif s room. 

BIG SALE on newly ac- 
quired and slightly used 
stock: Boots, all sizes, all 
colors. Inquire at office, 
main floor. 

Situation Wanted: Man, 
exp. in testing PA systems 
by blow-method seeks 
steady employment. 
ML Box308c/o'69er 

Help Wanted: Sect'y des- 
perately needed! Contact 
7A & 7C before the next 
history test. 

Personal to Rabbi Neiss: 
Is this trip necessary? 

Mazel Tov to Nava Rephun 
from Rabbi Eliezri. 

Personal: Oedipus Rex 
call your mother. 

Attention Mrs. Streifer: 
Can't a secretary even take 
a lunch break? 

Take a Correspondence 
Course — send notes in 

Thanks: To the Floral Park 
Jewish Center for use of 
their paper . . . and their 
secretary . . . and their 

We wish a Refuah Shelay- 
ma to Mr. Lilker who is 
presently recovering from 
Excedrin headache no. 69. 

DEAR. .. 

Dear Rebbetzin Y., 

Even / have problems. I 
can't seem to get along with 
the "vulgar masses". They 
refuse to recognize my 
words of wisdom and 
prophecy. They no longer 
appreciate my jokes and 
subtle sense of humor. 
What's more, they have 
taken to playing Indian 
Chief, and I can never 
guess who their leader is. 

What should I do? 

Dear Goldie, 

If you can't beat 'em, 
join 'em! 

Class of '69 Graduates 
From Y.U.H.S.G.M. . . . 
Better Luck Next Time! 


Long years of strife 
And pent-up life 
Relentless persecution, 
We cannot stand 
That heavy hand . . . 
Rise up in revolution! 

An empty chair 

There's no one there 

We'll tiptoe through the door 

With upraised hand 

Our mighty band 

Will triumph evermore. 

"Stone Walls do not 

A prison Make 

Nor iron bars a cage", 

Our plans are made 

We're not afraid. 

We'll end this great outrage. 

At lunch your troop 
Will throw hot soup, 
But don't be incendiary. 
While I with mine 
Will lose no time 
In storming the library. 

The time has come 

Guitars we strum 

The halls ring out with gladness. 

We have rebelled 

Our voices yelled 

"An end to all this madness!" 

Right in our midst 
How did you this? 
Information did you leak. 
Knowing the other side 
Would like to have us fried, 
What are you, some kind of freak? 

And so they meet 

The desk and feet. 

Listen friends and heed us. 

When down you sit 

Your skirt a bit 

You'll pull down so that you're Tzneeus. 

Our flags unfurled 

We rule the world 

Not slaves, but rather lords 

Until we hear 

The voice we fear 

"Hey, you, erase those boards!" 

Rules For 
_ D 











1. In case of floods, earthquakes, and other happenings, student: 
are not permitted up the main staircase. 

2. In case of falling lockers, students are not permitted to us< 
staircase #3, nor are they permitted to crawl under them. 

3. In case of garlic pollution, students are advised not to use stair 
case # 2 without gas masks. 

4. To go from a fourth floor class near a "down" staircase to £ 
third floor class near the same staircase, students are advisee 
not to cross the hall to go down an "up" staircase. 

5. In case of fire drill 
proceed to neares 
staircase and pul 
down skirt. 

6. In case of fire, pro 
ceed to nearest stair 
case and ignore "up' 
and "down" signs. 
In case of fire durinj 
finals, the manage-i 
ment is not responsibl: 
for any injuries aris-i 
ing from studentij 
tripping over "stairi 

8. In case of leg break! 
age while falling dowr, 
"up" staircases, stu- 
dents are advised not 
to report it to the of 




And It Came to Pass . . . 

Once upon a time, there existed a shining white ivory tower tinted 
greenly salmon by the rays of tJie blazing jungle sun. In the tower there 
dwelt 360 fair young princesses (and some older, not so fair ones). This 
fortress was in the vicinity of caves housing a "harem" of placard-hold- 
ing, rock-throwing beasts called males. 

The castle was ruled by an iron-handed king called "Martyr the 
Terrific" who employed a very STAHLwart young man as his Prime 
Minister. The Prime Minister decreed that no princesses may enter or 
leave the palace, nor should any be allowed to wander its many halls. 
This considerate law was formulated to prevent the innocent young 
things from getting lost on stairs that could only go up. 

One day, a horrifying plague fearfully known as the "Green and 
Black Knock Knees" or "Shivering Timbers" infested the kingdom. The 
perturbed king called together his many wise men. Chief among them 
was the black goateed prophet who resided at the Golden top of the 
tower smoking his "uplifting" pipe which enabled him to talk on his 
hot line to the upper regions. Along with him came the ancient ambas- 
sador of the French ruler. After caucusing and filibustering for many 
hours, they decided that spiritual guidance was in the OFFIng so they 
called for the king's left-hand maid. She suggested that they summon 
the chief cook and plastic-spoon washer. After the sorceress's palm was 
rubbed with silver, she stirred a powerful potion with her trusty Parker 
pen and dispensed it to the king's council. This magical brew gave the 
king's men (and women) the ability to solve their dilemma. They dis- 
covered that the problem was not due to drafty hallways, but rather to 
the extreme shortage of silks and satins. Despite the cries of protest 
heard from the Heights of Washington, the king ordered the wardrobe 
mistress, "Mrs. Simplicity Apricot" to tack on a 5/8" margin of safety 
to the hem of all the princess gowns. For four long years the mixture of 
ominous threats and blood-curdling screams could be heard reverberat- 
ing through the castle walls, broken occasionally by yelps from the castle 


Apparently the princesses learned their lesson well, for eventually they 
were seen walking the gangplank, clutching their certificates of queen- 
ship, robed in their long flowing gowns— out to seek a king of their own. 
P.S. And they all lived hopefully ever after. 

Moral of the Fable: People who live in glass castles shouldn't put 
mirrors over their front doors. 




K r\:w 

...apiy ...irT M->-i ... nnb 'ran Tnn"? n^Tsb ir"?? ...(?)nn3y nnaia T'ai ...mojD: ux 
X'32 Jina i:'?apnn ...? na '?!:' ...? --'Dnjix-'J ...]iayD- '?ix'7S3 Dnio: D''aty nvtt'tt' nx-i:3 
...nmaya nymu 'jk ...nry — ■''j'x ...nmsrij '7^ys u^ns ...D■<p^ in u^ainn 'iT ...yai:^- 
...? xnu^ Kin ID ...■jDitt?'' px'7 nssn: in:3 pxi:? layau' laisan ijim 'sa 

3 nit:; 

nrna'? Tia^'? ^1D■'X ussa x'7i niDsba max D^vanxa ^3^i?^ ...maiu m:a ]"7y i:k 
mm x'71 nnana nxs'i:; nynn m-'a'jnn'^a nspn I'xi lai'? ii^an tsi:' ma'? ...natt^'a 
nai"? ?j'3in ixn nyajj ...p'''?s unijn jijin ixn ...'pxiiy by m'?i:;i mnaa nnana xsn 
n:iya nu^p -inr njiaynu? nnpa ':x ...'.Kb oyo ix ...?'na''x vu^ay x'? dx — nnaya 
...nbin nx mio i3n:xi ...nsn nx iio'? max x^n ...n'7ya n'rya I'jy D'arxn::;! nxan 
...xnty nx nn^aa ux lu^ay ..."oaio,, — nai:;a noi n'j'ax'? nxisi laxsa 

y n3t27 

nrnV nxna: ntt'xna' u'? nn^a-n ain ns'x ...nju' Dna^yi nxa ly ...(''7''n) ? ? n'j'nn 
D'an nsc nany "jy ysa^n ^a ...? 'a b^ ...a^j'yn nx D'npis maiatt^m n'ri ...nija iry'? 
nya yau^' niy ...noaan n'aa ua^js: ...nanxa Dix'?3aa ...'?''jix ii'iv ...? nny inbv; nisp) 
...'Taon pi piDon nx 'xipn 'jx'cn'a^T'u^T ...n'liBon ninsai min' 
...-a'T'- bT -muc-a thm ...-■-iipa v^'i'm in i:ya'r casn^ii 'sa 

...nxtn nnaa nyi nn v^ ...'mx mataxa niaiu m:a ...a'an imnx -inns 
la"?"? ir'?y ?n:nnxn n:tt^a n'cxna iso D'lai'? yna ...•'ann isna m^nnna i:k 
,nyixnxn .lao'i ,p'':di'7t ...? na^x .laia:'! .irart ,i3iai''T ...wbi:; na n^nnnno? npana 
naa '?yiin .rn .p-'Jui'^T oy lai"? nsm 'a n:iyn3n ...''7ty "''?''?n nx •'u?snn ...nx"? ,bw\v 
...nvnoia-'x maaV av b:>2 noia ...! x^a: ? miam m'ra'jiaa i:"?3 — nnn'n npy ...? nnx 
in iij;a3 X''a:3 ni3 mi3y a— n nna nnu^y x'? na'? ...?Dni:in vn 'Vy 'iau; u"? raa 
127X13 nstt^v imxiD n:iy "73 n'u^xis yna ...!?nnsin3 mx: nau;'? laVn...? msion 
,..iyi D"7iy'7 I'jai 'n ,i'?a 'n -I'ra 'n ...? innaaa nns a^'u; 13"? r^a ...•? nnan 

psjtti^T run • 

nmwsnni nwiyjiK .la*©: mi? 

Til niyan nva D-'av nu'Dnaiais na'a;'' mioaa 
n''im^ D'-an'? diju; ,pnr-v33 nyms — D'ma:^ nso- 
o'l'sau' rrnoia nu^an — d'7'ijn-di'?3 insi ,m:3"? 
n'7'?Dan ;n'ia3'7 O'-au; n'?Ka) 'yia ixin'? n.T'T'a'rn rx 
nso 'iia naiac;i .(nnia'? tt'^^a nim inoo oa; "jy 

I'nvaaria p-\ x'? miry'? 'j-'i^n rp'73 t't K''i:;n 
.TTiiaia yixam vnuvyT nairina qi n'jx qiyan-nUT 
miauls no'Dia-'aix naiu?' mioan D-ixsaa nys 
mxix v"?" "jaa n'''?x onmiu^ D''T'a'?n d''s'7K 
Vxntt'-'a i'?'sxi nsiTxi npnax om .map ,nn3n 
■■njiyn 3"'spnm oma 2,200 p-'oya noian .npnoxai 
.-\bM 75,000,000-'? yja 
D''an na''Dn3''aix ra-'i:;-' ns'aoa n:u7a nai:; 
.D'^yia ,n"'XQn ,D''D:na'7 D"yia nnxn np'iyai 
loian 'aain'? Dosin nna d'3T .q"'?x''sio D'naiyi 
mxffi'i:; yia"?-! min"? nmn mana laya'? lynnw nnx'? 
.nt)''ona''jix na'u;' I'yaa 
-vi n"'T'y oy n'jiyo nsnu^a nt3''Dia''jix na'tt/' 
•>xinx r'^iyj^x Di:; "jy nxiDi"? nson n^a '?!:?»'? .piv 
v!'>^ Dpana bu? 'jn'yn D'''7inn ri'aa 'xionn '?ist3'? 

.nma 1,400 ia 

ir'jasr~e'i"5iri35r"lrii:'i-)nxn D'aa^a 

nx nyacn nt3''DnaTX n^v}'' .Tyn .Tjyaa naian 

na'tt?'' nnp„ rya'? nnix naDni naiau^n '7y namn 

™„„™,™™„,._„,„™„,.,,„, ."no'Dna'JiK 

■-rrtfH:;»TV-ri^-ana -flnss-nway coBin loian 'a'jn 
D'maxn D"nn ■'now "raa na-'i nu'Dia^jix na's;' "rtr 
.nnan mxix nnn"" bv 
pn'?x pns' Iran na-iiy 'aaoia Dit:'73ra iin'a 
au-'a nx a-'Uf-'-ipnn D'-naai m'7\np n'n:aa ,n'jana 
.DH^niaiyia maipo '^aa min^n pnn'? on'nima 
mioaa nuan iian"? nyii: '7'?ania nxsr ma'i2?n 
miisn Din nx nva nnna ma'oan .nD'oia'ais na'^?' 
■'d'78 la ^y ion .maanam nn'ysn nnian nn bB' 
una^jV naixy nann '?snii!?^a mnaxa mamn ma^oa 
.npnaxa nnn-'n "ju? 'annn nsisna 

.nti'Dna'aix na'a?' noia xin U'-a-'a inrai t'H'' 
la'nj 'D'jsa .pivvja yiai mm"? 'PWT 'Sian 
mtsa'? Dnb la'sn .r'rnjai I'lD'a .noian bw -"aunn 
nnan msixa D-'iin\T n'7np Viz? m-iny nx ooa'? 
^\•'•2^:n .Tjiyo ■'t "jy T-ysn nnn 'ju' imnnsnn'? niy'?i 
i^y bm •'iia'? oy inp ■-na'? 1^T\■v awn na iviy 

.lyipn mnts 
nu'tt^n '?u? nnn'7sn nx "^i^isb 'j'pisn mnx'? mvo 
an tana"? ai'?yi bi loia iion'? m^a n'ryc? nxtn 
D"pn3 .D'7iyn 'am '?aa puiaia i'? ixs'tt; onaa 
lysa in'u/XT n^m,, ipiocn nD-'Dna''jix na''i:;''a 
."ixa nitt^' innnxi 
iTyn miaa nia'?:?'' ■•nii^a D'xiy: loian 'a^ni:; 
i:n'?xpns'' laan naiu?'! ,1886 naira mouiy "n"n yy,, 
Tyn iniaa n'?xn ma^u^'n 'nir .1896 nji:;a nnnsjiy 
bv ^^\br\2r^ nnn nnx na'tt^i"? vni 1915 n:i:?a iirann 
i:n'7X pHS' li^an nv bv nxnpj na'tt^'n ."jan an t't 
.XB'''?a Domsa iixi (isn — 1896) nitspso 
nmnnsnn'? mien nx nijn ban t't ann 
riDva O'liab n'aan i^an xin .na^tt^'n "ru; niimi:;i 
'jaV iwxnn m3:in iDon n^a nx 1916 mvo. id'i 

.npnaxa na'ty' 

iDinj? Dma"? iiaan na'iri'? musn 1921 nau?a 

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nxnin'? D'T'a'jnn D''::i3na 132; xn3''nan 'a^oa"? 

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nns nayiy p'S^ai^io D"n 't iis^n KnaTia B'xns na-iat lay 3"'sjn "ju? la'ai"? 
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naoa yin nns nnaa D'Tis^rn nsoa dn .nns nnsa D'Tobn 
mis» (inbsn Nip: ns) '"aL-b ion nnaitt^ vn 4o-b ns'ioa 

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n:anb D'jnana vn nxis noB'3 .nan dv iniiia' 'sb i:''s dn 
iiiRT 'Da IK laban 'sa n'yany im in'3 n^at:; "nyK;„n 

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mil na^e^n u'nt n'n 't:'ir avi .ia'?an .th im3n .'tt^an 

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D'jmj nmnan vn iina .manx isa vn D'nabn niya' 
Tm ini:^n mby 'lab D'niy is nns nys; o'lia^b D'St^n^ 
D'baiN rns; ipan nnns nnx^ .nnno' n^'sr iy D'laib 
nyiy nmsai .nTi'V-nnx iy Dmy»n nx D'S'-iyaa im inana 
vy nn'n cbiyi dtie' my^' V3 -nnnsn nnns^ nposn nriM 
.anya nb'sn lat ly la^b i3''B'an p 'insi msp npoDn 
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nma DH 'D "na'ao,, DB'b n^ nab na'tt^'n 'Tabn .nuaib 
inbo^ labb D'lnii vn nia'ir' n3in3 .min3 npi^n nvsw 
.anya nnx in n-'-^nv nb'sn nns o'tt'isan oy nny 
D"»a nia'tt^'a ddid m D'Nbaa_ vn D'Tabnni:' iraa 
D'nan 'Vya rn „ib'bi oai' min 'iiaba D'pioy vni nipoiDi 
V3 inVir by .DJnbt:' by n'linsn ns onsb n33b onb D'aa^in 
aipa .yias' baa ins av nns -una ninsb lyio n'n nnsira 
'ia3«7 D'3ii:n m onb D'inis n'nan 'bya rn na'tp'n 'rabn 
.nn'ni:ab o'lnns minn 
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n's-ibsn ni'asi nabn na nin .»3i3 ninna im nvnisn 
n»a ub nis nun,, lais hmi ni'nisn ns ppba ibM hm 
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."D'Dis nsji i!;3ia D'pina,, on minn 
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.nabn nabb laa b'nnn ,ini' uannti? insbi 
Ma ,D'iop nnb^b "O'lin,, D''a"p im n'lin' nbMp baa 
paynnb D'bJioa imk^ nbsb nia'iy'i D'lyjb "mm niabn,, 
"nn„b mis nbtt^b a'M nM ibM b» vas .D'poisai nabna 
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.DJn mm iiabn maa nab D'ain'i n^jy ':a .nab i3tr 

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,bba nn ,niyimn nsi n's-^bsn ns ibM lab "nn„3 
nimis iisb ibM lab D'ttJin nuran HB^aa .man nma 
laa bMnn 't^ipn EJina .inoa mb'sn naa sipbi myunb 
nibMpa D'aiina im D'piosn ns .yi3i:M neris ns labb 
laa p'son iir'y b'lb ibM yjnty 'isb .is'T'b i:a»K nnn' 
labb ibM bMnn i^y b'ja .D^amani o's'sjna pbn labb 
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naa isip siajn nab nya .(yiair baa is di' baa) bnj nib 

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n''wi'?ii?a mnD k"? nv'tna vr, a^nn ''jsa D''i:'''an '?^:! ^'7^^p '?d« ."'?npn nsipa mjira 

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.xc'^n nin'i:;',- iwd mu^yyarin nsana bnn laonsnn n^'mran nsiTixa 
ym^^^ naoiisan na''!:;'- ns .Ki^^na ^ixin '71:; nia'7n D"n 't ic 1803 nju^a 

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/'nyni ~l^r\„ — ra^w-^n nx XD'^a nrx xt-'? n^ya 1904 ruii^a ic orn ann 
''iia'r .tt^ipn mnu '?y 'rin ma"? on vtp ma? dj D^Ta'pn na'? na .nj'aa njitt'XT na'ty 
.n7y;aan '?ii; a^majn noon Tiaa Dma'?n n'jsn'? D'''?''ai?a vn "nn 
xu"''? nia'tyi iT'a'?n np^'ya nay npnaxa nna^yn nxaa i:d3U7 maii:'\T B'xna 

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.mna ij-'ma""!^-' ^y naya ma'ii/'n '71:7 pin nspa nrn 'uan '?''sxm 

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na'tr' nman vn ,Dnaj; n^-'V nnxan vn ,Dna ni'i:;'' n27nD s"? irmnx "riir p's^a 
.(n"D sar 's'?) .npy ]D1 pns' pi 'idi n^n na'W'a 2^v^ ipi iras omax ,Dnay 
''ipT'7'i D''a3n •'-fiibn^ lyi jria nn\T 'iio^n namaa "na''ii;'„tt^ i^x'? 'xia pvm lya"? 
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.x'naoi ,'mDS ,D'nytt^ n'a ,DyiDU? -XE^ixa D'lanan 
vniw nni:;y yaiff nxi D'nyiy n'aa x'l^jn mm' 'an la''?! na"? mmn an nx 
'ia„ n:tt>an nx x'l^an mm' 'an ana ma'27'n ]mxa TTa'jn nniya .'msxa n'?a mamnxn 
.(nnin nwi^b D"aann naipn) "bxnwa no "jyau^ nmn nani:;n nb]i; 
mm' 'an 'Ta'?n 't "ry np'ya mnsnm ia'?n "raaa nia'p vnv m'mjn ma'iyn 
am xynnnaa na'i^^'n nx bn^i "rxiaiy .xna'na '7aaa nxnp: na'ivn ."jxiai:?! an ,x'tt?3n 
.Q'nxm nsipn nio ny oyaa a-'iTui mxa na'pnj nxin na'it^'n .xnioa nii^nn na'iz;' nc 
ma'u^' la'pn "?xiai:;i an 'Ta'?ni D'oncn oy D"a'nn nanba pia nann: xynnni 
D"ays Du; nay .x'ona xnaa na'u^'n nx "jn': 'u^x an .x'ona xnaai .xnnaa .xn'naaisa 
.'■^aan ma'jnn nx mo x:'an oy nn'ai ns 'ryau; nmnn '73 "jy TTaVn Dy 
.xn'naaisi xmD3 m3'tt''na "jxntt^' bob nxsi' nxnmn nn'n D'3nyn pt:'?iy nsipn3 
Donsnn '?'?3n la xsr idix3 ."D':ix:i„ — nni'a m33 nxn3 M<'^:pi n'7xn ms'tyn 'c^xn 
1:31 11X1 xn'ni:; an vn xn'n3aiD ''?ni3tt^ D'annxn .xmo n3'i:?' irxn ,iix:i n'nyo 'n 
.xn'naaisa na'iyn nnioj 1040 nw2 'xn 'n bw ima 'nnx D'na» .11x1 'xn 'n 
D'yia vn Dii:;ai n''7U'x oima iDnmxi 'nx3'? D'A''7Da vn '7333 m3'E?'n 'Ta'?n 

.nnsDi Tjaiffx m'j'np'?! n''?t5'xa mnnx D'ny"? 
b}o n'mioa'jxa dji n3nmp3i n3i3nii xsija3 n^2w nou n'iixin nsipna my 

.n'jisxn np'nsx3 ,'ixin'p3i D'nsa 
3nya3 ni'?'np n3nn3 r\wtn ni3'tt" noi: '733 nnn' btp niv^v nypa^w nnx"? 

nnn' 'aam n'lanan nsin'xa nuiu; ni3'i:;' lap Q'r3n 'a' bu; nuinnxn mxaa 
-vwn nxan n'lffxna 3ipnp3 nc njwxnn n3'iy'n nx .]''?is3 ni3'i:^' na nnx la'pn Tjairx 
.r'ns ni'j'np 'jaa oyaa nis'is^' nou ,D'i2?n ni:;aa .ansa p'?is apy 'n nnc?y 

ff nw w»n-?*nttr* iTMot *a? "w^ 

D'-ia'? -o'laba nprnna n'^'npn nvp •<^bn naa iv 

ny>>n 'isit) "(njiyo na'?^) D'att^ai (nipii 'laVa) 
mt)3// D'labaV ^'m ixip id Dwa .(T"n ,s"d 
nnsT nina .(X"s nmn 'tt^iT") T-yn naw — "Nrnp 
ia'?a na r^t'^' "•''5? '^3" '^''tn nn on"?',! iiinb 
.(T"i imn:D) "na nn"? nios mpi^Ti 
•IT '?-'ia nmnn naba 'j^nnn'? m: Tan ^^^ 
lav ")3^» vax i^ib 'p'nna pirnu^a,, : nax: nsoa 
D'''7''nna vn lyan 'ja ."min na'?ai u^ipn iiiir'^a 
D'-'jinna vn nc^y 'j-'i'? n'-yna vna/ai sipa la'?'? 
"njtt;a'7 D'^i:; na^y P -sipa'? d':!:' i:;an ia„ — nw7i 
rn ■jsna;'' ■'lau? iraa .(to n:i:;a /n pns max vis) 
minn nai vn Drm'7''a min bir ht'in'? n'''?''jT 
-[Mn,, I'ran na'jtt? las id .o.T'n '?d d-t'dd omit:; 
•''7tt;a) "n:aa nioi x'? ivt"' ''d ni idit 's "ry nya"? 
i"?' iai'?n„ : n'lax la yiy'?s yan ni p'yn .('i ,a"D 
,mas 'P"is) •"K'^^ tj 'jy naina vi'? ,nan sin na"? 
.(.T'D njE'a ,'T pis 
nu^pa// ! aniD "D^ris nnaa,, naoa '7iT'ai px 
'a'a naann nu^pai "Jinn '7y vna njpTn 'a'a naann 
.D'?iy'7 pipn nxiz?'!!? /qaxn '?y mn'sa miyjn 
p^^^ nns i!;''nn in'nna p noi' iimuonn dj 
"na np'yn nx Tan mna ,t- iij'nnii; 'ju; n^a 
nicn nnu; o^pinn nTai:;"? "j^aia ximr ivaa amn'n 
nx„ :imyn ixa nj'ijyai .ijay "n n^ua v'jytt^ 
...ns '7ya omx ti' xin minn vin unxa nnx '7xi:;n 
."i^a"? m'7 '?y D'nnn an ■\i\r\Mb-' nni:?a 'a ...m'?pa 

lin'7 nainn maxn '7y n^mn i:ay nn'?in n'-ii^xna 
nmna laxi iii/xau? lain t'six .'i -\1-12 wiin nx 
msyibnj 'n//"? .Tn^iy ,i:naiax ■'ax -u^ax nmax '?y 
:nmD'n muan T-a man "yi^n "ii '?a la lanan 
-[11 nau;! mnx wa nxi vaa nx ms^ ni:;x iya'7„ 
."Dstyai npix mu^y'? 'n 
laniiax b^ njsn px pn x'? xin nnsa'? lunn 
mm ma nnsb .•'nxin uavp 'ju' mii:;n mn d:^ x'jx 
a^n H'n '?xii2;''a mx '?aiy nii^y msa nia'jn n\n 
axn "jy n:wxiai i:;xia n'7n lun'? nvinxn .na'p'? 
laa V12'? HTin la'?'? maaTnn nx 'rsj'? n\T inamai:; 
inawa na nai'? DD'ja nx Dmx Dma'?i„ : nax:iy 
.(B"-' -x"' onai) /'laipai laau^ai inia ina'7ai in'aa 
nTioa .D'?iy "n n"apn laa yu: minn 't '?y 
"73 nx iu?pai:? nu^pn nx msv la'? axa minn nai 
ntra li"? mx min„ .n'-nsa nnx na'Bn'? oasim nnnn 
."apy n'?'np nu^Tia 
nx la'ran '7a// : b"m nana no' yaia nrn ]vyin 
p7i i:a'7i i'? na"? I'^xa ainan v'?y n'rya mm ua 
13a p nx naban '?d„ an "nnnn '?a hid 7y 13a 
Ttt?np) "'I'-D nna nbap i'?x3 aman r'jy n'7ya mm 

.(X"y /b 
mixai mm DiTia nx la'?'? D'a^n omnnu; nira 
on'? yiatt??i onmna nann tt^pa"? D'ian D'nsa la 
nnai) "i"? "nax'i Tipt iii-'i Tax '?xu?// -naxiiy ia3 
"lax mm v^n '7x1 T-ax noia ■'ja yatt',, .(t ,a'? 

.(n ,x ^bTSfi) 
13X D'xsia .D'aan fun'? 'xnnx axna? ■'S by nx 
noa"? in:an nx ,x^pa^ nsipna -D-'anp D'a^a iiy 
rn ^''Tn 'd"? .mm Tia'? niy'? D'aana 't'? n'jan nx 
onaix nt"? lu^pa .na^a 'sa mm nai'? ]nnx •':a 
"n"?' i'7xa mm nan ]a nx la'ran "pov,, '?"in 
."Dnaba,, ixnp3 D'a^nan aman .(a"y ,0'"' imnjo) 
na'ra b^7i„ :naxa i'?an in "riya"? a;ani:?a nr Disa 
.(B"x ,a"'p D-''?nn) "m'?aE'n 
D''3H2;xnn nman D"i'?m D'jnan vn '?'?a inia 
: nax3 Dn'''7yi nxnin '?2? i^Tpn nax'7aa ipoy -\vn 
,("> .yb onai) ,"'?xnw'? immi apy'? T>t3SE;a "nv„ 
'Dx'ja) "in'-sa wpa' mmi nymau^' p3 msB',, mi 

.('T ,'a 
naina mm na"? mxa n'?apnn •'ji:? n-'a nsipna 
D'a'jin mpii'nri v,Ttt? ip'n nuiz; p pyai:?„ maxn 
■jy "jap iiaxn .(x'" ,n"D mama 'e^it') "nson n-'a"? 
''33'?3 ta^jy •'3a'? ,n'?'npn •'ib-'b nna'pa ni3a? laxy 
pm xinu iia'jna nsioa x'?ai p yu^in' '?y .D'T-iry 
T-y "7331 n3"'iai n3-'ia '?aa nipi3m ■'ia'7a ia''U7i''U? 
xnna xaa) yaa^ laa ,v;ti; pa omx o'caaai -Tyi 

.(X"y ,x"3 

nirm n)w^ 

D^saxa ■'T '7y pvn .wq-'K nwnn niiaxn 
rmsa Dvp ra"nan naiax '71:; niin •a'?3 nTiyu? vi^p 
liKa? vnna li'jss nnsn.T? n'^'-nna niiasn ri'in 

■■'^lya) i'?an nnb^v lax "isni 'd 'ry ny:'? ii:n„ 
incsn ■'d'?! ins id*? o"?':! 's'? nmni •[in'? w-> .0 -a"3 

.n'?'n '?v 
pifn'7 mny /'d'tid iijd min niabn,, 's dx 
m'TDnonn di ,n:i'i3a nnr '7''i3 sninn nnnxi n:iaNn 
snian 'n'ts ns nNT mmpo O'^'y ib is'-i:; ■-a .nxnaa 
x"?! m'S u/' m'73/, n'7Xi2;n .nxnan -iina D-'spniya 
K'n — i''n:a x'?n n"?!?? ^''^ isn^n ,nai'?3 — "I'-naa 
nvsa U'ax nmax nx ijnnax 'ax nx namni:; x'n 
.(K"'? naT ri'u^xna 's'?) naiaxn 'ji'rDaa D'jiu/xnn 
nytt^a : a"D minn •>1^o•' mabna D"aann nax lai 
nxTi D'''?"njn D-'x'^Djn vxnai vii^yaa Dixn i:iarT'y; 
nai^ai amx xin Ta .yp x'?i iiy n'? vxiy inaan ona 
naxtt? laa -'jnin Diyn yi''? n'7ni mxn mxnai ixsai 
n'pxn Dnaia awnaii^ai ..."D''p'?s'? '"'sj nxax,, : nn 
,n3Dp nna xinu? yTi ins'i imnx'? ym: xin Ta 
D'an 'as"? ,nt3iya -n"?? nyia maiy ,n'7DX -n'?siy 
Tmyasx nirya -Taa; nxnx ■-d,, nn naxii' laa ,myT 
"?maTn •'a irux na 
naiax'? n'7-'aia uay rm'?ina m'ranonn ni 
'nsan lavp maiy .nmuona n'pinan dv'?x yaxxa 
'73 IX ^yi rnxn msia yanxa niisn nx 'ry uay 'ji:? 
nnaipn maiyi nnx isa ,niu; d's'jx iu?aa msmn 
m T\M->^Qr: .-'i^ isa ,m n a 'rxniff' n:na 'jip 
.in'^iiD Dy '?y xnan '712; innia?n 
nm?i r,n'7'in : t^TTi '7XDn ivsnv 'i Tyn ns' 
ni^'isan ...n"apn'7 m^nia nny x\t ba-tv '7V nanxn 
Tn'n '31 nsi3a Tiban nan xin noian nan 'a 

•wxia nnnn xnip n"apn pi xm inram 
,minn nia'?i nnsan orp lai 'ja? laiaoa 
D^amn nn n'rx n-'niaona m:aianni nxnaa rn'ranon 
.i33ian naai an''7yu? nvno-'n nn am n:iax'7 m'7''3ian 
.Tnya ^:rmaya oi it nD'i2;a T'lyan'? rrnpa i:x 

.(a ,D"S n''7'nn) "injiax yiix nni im'?,, 
P'JBi^T nan « 

bunv oy Vtr n'liD-' ':;s: njian xin n:iaxn 
x"? nn"? nna n-'ayn'? lax n-'nxa nxt nmo'' n:iani 
■'d'7 ."D'j'axa 'ja D'aiaxa,, 'jxni:^'' 'ja ixnpa oan"? 
^''^n I'jaa rrja^ nrax mxa r'aanm D"aann 
•-Da,, bXTXf ii'jsj'J nnsan 'nt^a nnx X'ni ,mxan 
.(X -T'a ,niana) "nmajn 
n'^nnna D"aann •'d't xm xnian mx^saa n:iaxn 

."maann Tiayi nmcn iid'« nnnn mc ma'7n 
imx'sa nx la'^a u^-'nn'? mx"? miysxa naiaxn 
Don"? in'': h'?^ na vmirsna osin ra^'sn .xnian bv 

,rmnn "jaa 'jxniff''? r^yau x''n nnaxnu^ tvaa 
"D'?iy'? i:''ax\, ■'I'-o nn naya'? nii^pa 13'? noaini:; laa 
nsixa ntn i»nn nx nai:^'? i:i'?y ,('d -d"' mai:') 
ly li'ija 'ja'?! i:"'3a'7 niymaa noa"? D''a"n i:xu? 

lanx"?,/ 01 DX 'a xmaa i^axn'? pn x'? ux D'n:ja 
ptn"? ■i3'''?y .(a"Q minn nmca D"aann) "uaa nxT''?i 
.nTmb iiin na iin o-iian a'^a n'pxn n^u^nn nx 
'T nx nanxi« ainat:; laa o'-aiD a^u^yabi .misa"? 
naa'? "jy ...n'?xn onann vn^ ...laab Vaa T'p'?s 
.("> — 'n /I ,Dnan) "T'^a'? Dnj^tt'i 
ni:?D:3 'yats iDixa nu;m2;'ia naiaxns; 'd 'ry nx 
ma"? •'T' "jy nmx p^'ayn'? M'>bv ,n'''?xnu;'n naixn bin 
■ja nx n'iu;y'7'i naii''? ma "ry nn'ria'' •'sa it^^'X ,minn 
a'?a mamai na'jin nnxan nvp n' Vy .n-innsa 
nayaa '7x11^ '^a nax la'^i /ixmaa n:iaxn mn^n 
ta Tinai niixan nx niry: ."yaTi?:i ni:;y3„ ••vo nn 
.'n 'sm nx nnvi nnv pa: — yawj 
lani 'n naix — ma'pu^m n^'jann niwn np'y 
may'? nvii^ya nnsai njiax n' '7y p-\ xin — a'ronaa 
xr:n ynmn ^mp^"?) -ma'ana nmnn 's '?y n nx 

.(t3"' mx 
xin nmnn ma"? ?it n''?an'? n'j'aian imn ">nai 
larp'^i '7K-\v^ '?'?a nia'?tt''7i onsn nia'ri:?'? mo^n 

,nnr "jni na — ^1'?a '?"in '^sa n'?xirn n'jxma^a 
,■7111 ni2;ya naxi rsno 'an niya„ ,nwya ix ma'?n 
inaxi D'7ia liy: .'rni ma'^n naxi xa'py ''an n:yj 
in T'i:;np) "niyya 'm'? x'aa ma'?nna; '?ni ma'?n 

.(a"y ,'B 

r / 


Editor-in-Chief: Barbara Newton 
Ass't Editor-in-Chief: Debby Cardozo 

An Advisor: Mrs. E. Levinson 
Hebrew Advisor: Mr. A. Steif 
English Advisor: Miss S. Grossman 

Biographers and Historians: 
ROW 1: S. Weissman, T. Gutwill ROW 2: R. Perl, D. Weinman, M. Weinfeld, Historian; S. Rapps, 
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Art Editors: Betty Ehrenberg, Masha Fishel 

Hebrew Editor: Anna Zlotnick 
Ass't Hebrew Editor: Ruth Tershel 

Typists: Phylhs Borenstein, Meryl Fishoff, Judy Silber- 

Literary Editor: 
Lihane Steif 
Ass't Literary Editor: 
Amy Heisler 


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Y^ u 


) :^ 







1 ^ftOS^ 















l> BE 



H'^m? "nnsa rvms 


Get me a Diet Pepsi and a 
Hershey bar. 

And in its behalf, I thani< you. 

Bracha V'hatzlacha To Our Darling 


From Your Loving Parents, Sister, Brother, Aunts, and Uncles of 


The Only Glatt Kosher Caterers (Separate Kitchen) 



(World's Fair Grounds) 


To Our Dear 


With Best Wishes for Continued Success 

Your Grandparents 


With Love and Best Wishes 
To Our Daughter 


and All Her Friends and Classmates 

For a Future of 

Health, Happiness, and Success 


When we were in Brooklyn Cen- 
Now let's see. Where is the tral urn, um . . . hamilchama 
medulla oblongata? ne'ercha . . . 

This is what we do in Siberia 
when it's warmer. 

Alvin (who, whom) 

With Our Fondest Good Wishes To 

Our Dear Daughter and Granddaughter 



Maze! Tov To 


and Her Graduating Class 

Cantor and Mrs. Eric Neumann 

Florence Neumann 

Mr. and Mrs. Karl L. Dorfzaum 

Charlotte Eldot 

Yosef and Shoshana Eldot, 
Jerusalem, Israel 

Congratulations To 


and All the Graduates 

With Our Best Wishes 

for The Future 

From Your Father's 
Friends F.C.#41 

Best Wishes To 


and Her Classmates on Their 
Forthcoming Graduation 


Psst, psst. Aren't we supposed 
to be dead? 

Ah, but a man's reach should ex- 
ceed his grass . . . 

It's leaking again. 


Thani< vou. Rabbi Gold. 

I got the '69 grand, now you 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 
to Our 


and Her Classmates on Their 

Robert and Hilda Newton 

Michael and Jeffrey 
Sister and Family in Jerusalem: 
Dorothy and Arnold Dudovitz 

Attara and Katriel 
Mrs. Hermine Nichtenhauser 
Mrs. Ella Sondheimer 

Erwin and Nina Awerbuch 
Harold, Martin, and David 



With All Our Love and Pride 

Uncle Henry 
Aunt Beckie 
Rachel and David 

Good Luck, Seniors! 

Stanley H. Kaplan 
Educational Center 

Tutoring and Guidance Since 1938 

Preparation for Daily Work, Regents, 

College Boards, and Graduate 

School Admission Tests. 

Individual and Small Group Instruction 

Registration Throughout the Year 

Stanley H. Kaplan, Director 

Editor: Barron's Regents Series 

"How to Prepare for College 

Entrance Examinations" 

Co-author: "You Can Win a Scholarship' 

1675 E. 16 St. 

(Bet. Kings H'way and Quentin Rd.) 

Brooklyn, N.Y. 11229 

DE 6-5300 

Best Wishes To 


on Her Graduation 

With Love, 


Girls I'm ashamed of you! 

The attractive bonds between 




Mazel Tov 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes 

To Our Beloved 

To Our Darling 



Mommy and Daddy 

David and Joel 

Aunt Hattie and Uncle Bernie 


Aunt Frieda and Uncle Yelley 

and NANCY 

Aunt Esther 


Congratulations and Best Wishes To 




Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Steinberg 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shevlin 


Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Strahlberg 


Congratulations to 


and Her Graduating Class 

Oma Sophie, Opa Ivan 

and Uncle Herman 

Best Wishes 

for a Most Successful 

Yearbook and an Outstanding 

Graduating Class 

Mrs. Siegfried Bendheim 

Best Wishes to My Niece 



Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to 



58 Eldridge Street 

New York, N.Y. 

Congratulations to 


and the Class of 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bendheim 

and Family 



We Hope You See Success 

in All Your Future Endeavors 


80 DeKalb Ave. 

B'klyn., N.Y. 

Best Wishes 
to Our Daughter 


from Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Lander 
Hannah, Debbie and Daniel 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 
to Our Dearest 


Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Fishoff 

And if he tries anything smart 

Watch the nose! 

To Our Niece 


With Pride 
Anita and Shimon Wincelberg 

Compliments of 


With Best Wishes to 


The Maternity Wardrobe. Ltd. 

72-23 Austin Street 

Forest Hills, 75, N.Y. 

BO 1-2505 

Mazel Tov to Our Dear Niece 


on Her Graduation 
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kass 
Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Kass 
Dr. and Mrs. William Spilky 
and Their Families 

Congratulations to 


and Her Classmates 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Block 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to 


on Her Graduation 

from the Wajsman Family — 

Mom, Dad, and Harry 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes 
to Our Daughter 


Her Loving Parents 

Congratulations and Best Wishes to 


Sasha and Estelle 

This oughta put Delaney out 
of business. 

Walk out or lock out? 

Daughters of the American 

The Pepsi Generation? 

S. H. Pomerance 
50 B'way., N.Y. 10004 

Customs Forwarders for Over 

50 Years 



With Best Wishes 
For a Prosperous Future 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to 


from Sidney and Sam Pilier 

and All Her Friends at 


Springfield, New Jersey 

Mazel Tov 
to Our Daughter and Sister 


Upon Her Graduation. 
Good Luck in All Your 

Future Endeavors. 
Your Loving Parents, 
Mindy, and Yocheved 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 

for Future Happiness 

and Success to 


Aunt Sylvia, Murray, 
Harriet and Michael 

In honor of Our Niece 


Uncle Walter and Aunt Hilde 

Best Wishes to Our Dear Sister 


With Love From 

Abe and Sara 

Best Wishes to 


Samuel L. Scher, M.D. 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes 

for a Successful Future 

to Our 


Aunt Gusta, Uncle Mayer, 
Jackie, and Saul 

Newest symptom of the Hong 
Kong flu. 

Going my way? 

Is suspension a solution? 

Congratulations to 

The Graduate' 

All the Merkins 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes 

For future success to our 

daughter and sister 


upon the occasion of her 


Mommy. Daddy, Beverly and Shalom 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 


on her graduation 

the Kuhl family 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 


on her graduation 

Rabbi and Mrs. M. J. Shragowitz 

Mr. and Mrs. David Lander 

Better here teaching than 

"Banot, this is Poland.' 

Mazel Tov and 

Best Wishes to 



Best Wishes to 


Mom, Dad, Dov and Josh 

Best Wishes 
upon your graduation, 



1316 Utica Ave. 

B'klyn., N.Y. 11203 


Mr. and Mrs. A. Steif and Aviva 

I didn't steal Mrs. Levinson's 
keys — I just borrowed them. 

Mazel Tov 
to our dear daughter and sister 

'Mah zeh 'bippie'?" 

"You mean I've got a bippie too?" 

Compliments of 

Mr. and Mrs., Harry Gordon 

of Fairlawn, N.J. 

Hatzlacha Rabba to our daughter 


Your loving parents and sister — 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Drattler and Esther 

In Memory of 


Congratulations to our dear sister 


With love, Shirley and Estie 
Best of Luck to 




Dr. Kadish Friedman 

Mazel Tov and best wishes to my 
darling fiancee 


on her graduation. 

Best Wishes and much luck for the 

future from your loving parents 

to our dear 


Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Glass 
Congratulations and Best Wishes to 


Stewie and Charne Wahrsager 

To our dear 


Mazel Tov on your graduation 
Love, Mommy and Daddy, Adina, 
Nettie, Roochie, Chani, and Doovey 


"manufacturer school buttons and badges." 
166 Fifth Ave.— N.Y.C., N.Y. 10010 




Uncle Stanley 
and Aunt Ruby 

Mazel Tov to our very dear 
future daughter-in-law 


Beatrice and Sam Knopf 

The Jungle 

Laughing is an art. 

I think that I shall never see, 
A thing as ugly as a knee. 

O.K. kids, the coast is clear. 

A viva: 

Mazel Tov From Us All. It's about time! 

We're really proud — Would you believe . . . 

Judi, Harris, Jacky, Giti, Debby, Jud, Philip, Rafi, 

Edna, Elana, Karen, Allison, Jacob and David 

Best Wishes to 


Aunt Adele and Uncle Phil 

Compliments of 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry 

Mazel Tov to 


Color Canon Corp. 

Folding Boxes — Display Cards 

341 Canal Place, Bronx, N.Y. 10451 

Congratulations and Best Wishes to 


Market Machinery Co., Inc. 

Rebuilders of Folding Box Machinery 

350 Fifth Ave.—New York, N.Y. 

Compliments of 

Consolidated Sewing- Machine Corp. 

1115 Broadway 
New York, N.Y. 10010 

Congratulations and Best Wishes to 


Compliments of Balanced Foods 

Congratulations and Best Wishes to 


and her classmates 
Mom, Dad and Joel 

Congratulations to our granddaughter 


Mr. and Mrs. Dave Block 

Compliments of 
a friend and admirer of 


Congratulations to 


on her graduation 


Waldman Bros, and Markowilz Fish Co.. Inc. 

With Best Wishes to 


Aunt Vivian and Uncle Nathan 

She says her foot got stuck in the Holland tunnel. 

Profiles in Courage 

Lock 'er up 

About sooo wide . 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes 
to our granddaughter 

Anne Shuchatowitz 


Rabbi and Mrs. Hirsh Heiman 

Baltimore, Md. 



from Mr. Jacob Finkel 

In memory of 

Mrs. Dora Finkel 


Dr. Robert and Claire Norton 

Congratulations to our niece 


on the occasion of her graduation 
Jack and Marilyn Roth 

Mazel Tov to my niece 


Alan J. Kass 

Mazel and Bracha 
to our dear 


and her classmates 

upon their graduation 

Love, Mommy and Daddy 

Best Wishes for success and 
a happy future to our daughter 


and her classmates 
Mr. and Mrs. Max Perl and Robert 

Mazel Tov to 


and her graduating class 
from her family 

Congratulations to 


upon her graduation 

Tesser Textile Company. Inc. 

136-40 W. 21st Street 

N.Y.C., N.Y. 10011 

Congratulations and Best Wishes to 


upon her graduation 
Danny Tennenbaum 
Antique Dealer 
428 Columbus Circle, N.Y. ■ 



Congratulations with confident 

hope that your future will 

be a sweet success 

Aunt Miriam and Uncle Saul 

To sweet 


Best Wishes for 

your success. 

Aunt Blemu and Uncle Eli 

Chap nischt . 

If elected, I promise I will 
And if not, I will anyway. 

Before the Deputy 

After the Deputy 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to 
our niece 


on her graduation 
Baruch and Bronia Shapiro 


Best Wishes for a future of 

health, success and happiness. 

Mr. and Mrs. Morris Dorf 

Compliments of 

Joseph and Hernia 

Silverstein and family 

Penchansky Bros. 

693 Henderson St. 
Jersey City, N.J. 07302 

Best Wishes to 


Dr. William Kuttner 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to 
from the Weissbraun family 

To our daugtiter 

Love, Mother, Dad and Scott 

Congratulations to 


upon her graduation 

Victory Baking Company 

Congratulations and much success to 


and her fellovv' graduates. 

Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Weinman 

and Cynthia 



in memory of your beloved grandfather 

who was always so proud of you. 

Weinman and Schipper families 

Best Wishes to our daughter 


and her classmates. 

Mr. and Mrs. Shuchatowitz 

Congratulations to 

Simon Newell Co. 

Mazel Tov to 


Max Brownstein 

35-24 78 St. 

Jackson Hts., N.Y. 

With best wishes to 


from Manchester: Uncle Bernard, 
Aunt Mina, Danielle, and Edmond 

Mazel Tov to 


Mother and Dad 

Gershon Meier 
Dov Aaron 

Congratulations to 


upon her graduation 

Love, Dad, Mom, Dina, Davie 

Debbie and Gittie 



Best Wishes in all your undertakings! 
Fisher Bros. . Inc. 

Best Wishes to 

Ma.x Braun and Sons 
94 Woodworth Ave. 
Yonkers, N.Y. 10701 

When Regents time comes 
around, you'll all be 
lame ducks. 

Attention Rabbi Eliezri: 
Old enough to marry, 
Old enough to drink. 

Leave it to beaver. 

With a little bit 

To the Nicest Sister in the World 

From Marc at Kerem B'Yavneh 

Best Wishes to 


Ace Loos el eaf Corp. 
27 Bleecker St., N.Y., N.Y. 10012 

Best Wishes to 

Harold B. Bearak 

Best wishes 

Guild Brokerage Corp. 

26 Court St. 
B'klyn., N.Y. 11201 

Downing Chemists. Ltd. 

868 Lexington Ave. 

New York. N.Y. 10021 

Best Wishes to 

Best wishes to our 


for success, mazal ubracha 
from Abbah, Ima, and Judy 

Congratulations to 

Kn'eger and Heymann. Inc. 
Glatt Kosher Meat 

Congratulations to 


Stanley and Shelly Posen 
and children 



Best wishes to success and happiness 

Mom and Dad Pammy and Malkie 



105-107 E.Burnside Ave. 

Bronx, N.Y. 10453 F0 4-1 100 

Closed Saturday — Open Sunday 



Capitol Poultry Corp. 

1834 Webster Ave. 

Bronx, N.Y. 

Mazel Tov to our aunt 

Tlta, Michelle, Nina 

Best Wishes and Much Luck 


Uncle Leo, Aunt Mae and Charlie Seltzer 

Compliments of 

Dr. Bert Schoeneman 
Dr. Gordon Gavmor 

Greetings from 

Erwin and Miriam 

Best of luck in the future 
to our dear niece 


Mr. and Mrs. Lou Greenberg 

Cheryl, Sue, and Sheldon 

Congratulations to 


your sister and brother-in-law 
Jack and Debby Hiller 

The Dictator 

Go you chicken fat, go! 

I'm a little teapot. 

It was worth while coming late. 

Warmest Mazel Tov Wishes to 
Our Dear 


Rabbi and Mrs. Sholom Rephun, 

Avraham, Benjamin David, Shimon Yitzchak 

Best Wishes to 


Mr. and Mrs. Jack Skolnik 

Congratulations to our dear daughter 


and all her classmates 
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Lunzer 

Best Wishes to my 

Mrs. C. Weitman 

Best Wishes to 

Mogen David Kosher Meat Products 
968 Longfellow Ave. 
Bronx, N.Y. 10474 

Congratulations to 


Skyhook Associates. Inc. 

Wholesalers of Jewish Religious Supplies 

382 Chancellor Ave. 

Newark, N.J. 071 12 

Sincere Best Wishes to 
all the girls — 

Ben Gut will 

Best Wishes to 


Joseph Jungreis 

Good Luck to 


and the class of '69 
Louis Nadler 

.J ■*< 


From a favorite 
aunt and uncle 

Mazel Tov to our dear cousin 


Margie and Eedi 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to 


upon her graduation 
Rabbi and Mrs. M. J. Klepfish 

Mazel Tov to 


Simon and Werner, Inc. 
Kosher Empire poultry 

Best Wishes to 



Mom, Dad, Joel and Karen 

Hatzlacha and Mazel Tov to 
our daughter and sister 


Mr. and Mrs. ZIotnick 

Sandy, Hesh, Abe 

Best Wishes to 



Feuer Transporation. Inc. 

Federal and Knowles Sts. 

Yonkers, N.Y. 10702 

To a happy and successful future 
to our daughter 


from Mom and Dad 

Good Luck to 


Mr. and Mrs. David Weiss 

(Pearls, Perls) of apples. 

Lap-in WT^ A^t^ 

From R.R. to Rambam. 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to 


and her classmates 

Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Levine 

Helen and Danny 

Fanny Birnbaum 

Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to 


on her graduation 
Sheila and Mendy Weissman and children. 

Congratulations to 

A rbel Insurance 
50 E. 42 St. i^ew York, N.Y. 10017 

Mazel Tov and best wishes to our 
darling daughter 


From her loving parents — 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Romer 

Mazel Tov to our dear daughter and sister 


upon her graduation. 


Mom, Dad, Barbara and Al. 

Best Wishes to our daughter 


From your loving parents 

Mazel Tov to our only sister 


upon her graduation. 
Love — Edi, Melvey, and Yosi 

Best Wishes for a successful future to our 


Love — Mommy and Daddy 

Aunt Susan and Uncle Marcel Aunt Cecile and Uncle Sam 

Savarese Markets, Inc. 

874 Lexington Ave. 

New York, N.Y. 

Where we used to raise a glass 
or two. 

Whistling won't get us in 
class any faster. 

Maze! Tov and Hatzlacha Rabba 
to our darling 


upon her graduation 

From your loving parents 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Weissman 

Chani and Heshy 

A Post Mortem — 

P.S. — Mr. Lilker, we 
won't forget! 

A. C. Sparkplugs. 

Congratulations to 


A job well done!! 

Could not have been better! 

Love and Kisses, 


P.S. — And to all those who 

missed the deadlines — 


The lion's den. 

You've come a long way, baby. 

Whistler's Mother 


Rhonda— Y. & S. Pharmacy 

Rhonda— Mohr Realty Company 

Rhonda — a Friend 

Zeena — a Friend 

Zeena— Dr. & Mrs. Sidney B. Katz 

Sherry — Mom, Dad & Brother 

Sherry — Mrs. D. F. Rudnic 

Leslie — Dorfman & Dorfman Meats 

Leslie— Drs. Edith & Herbert Schnall 

Leslie — Mauzone Caterers 

Leslie — Heshy Mermelstein 

Leslie — Delman Shoes 

Leslie — Weiss & Franczoz 

Leslie — Jon Kamelhar 

Susan F.— A. Mendlowitz & M. Lampert 

Ruth T. — Queens Decorating 

Ruth T.— Mr. & Mrs. Dreyfus & family 

Ruth T.— Mr. & Mrs. Sam Brach 

Phyllis — Mrs. & Mrs. Sam Brach 

Phyllis— G. & L Bakery 

Phyllis — the Dreyfus family 

Sharon B. — the Dreyfus family 

Sharon B. — Mauzone Caterers 

Rachel — Dr. Chernack 

Rachel — Jack & Murray 

Rachel — Dave 

Rishona— L Goldberg & Sons, Meats— Glatt 

Rishona — Sid Friedlander Advertising 

Rishona— Rabbi & Mrs. Schreiber 

Rishona — Dr. Solomon 

Rishona — Buby & Zaidie 

Rishona — Mr. & Mrs. B. Weiss 

Rishona — a friend 

Anna Z. — the Finkelbrand family 

Annie Z. — a Friend 

Rosalyn — H. Starkman 

Rosalyn — Anne L. Schimman 

Rosalyn — A. Goldman 

Rosalyn — Mr. & Mrs. Berenzweig 

Rosalyn — Mr. & Mrs. B. Winters 

Malke — Ehrlich's Interior Decorators 

Malke — Bianchi's Hardware Store, Inc. 

Malke — Sherilyn Handbag Corporation 

Ellen G. — the Reisers 

Ellen G.— Mr. & Mrs. Mike Doti 

Ellen G. — the Feinermans 

Ellen G. — the Horn family 

Ellen G. — Aunt Harriet & Uncle Stanley 

Gusty — Getta & Ernest Rhein 

Suzy G. — Dorsey Drugs 

Suzy G. — the Dreyfus family 

Amy — Sura & Aryeh Jeselsohn 

Amy — Rafi & Linda Liebis 

Ruth F. — Leo Goodfriend 

Ruth F.— Mother's Bake Shop 

Ruth F. — Savon Products, Inc. 

Ruth F.— RSC 

Ruth T.— Meal Mart 

Debbie W. — Her Grandmother 

Judy S. — a Friend 

Judy S. — another friend 

To dear Mash — Love, Oosh 

Toby — a Friend 

Sandi R. — Moshe Hass 

Sandi R. — a Friend 

Judy L. — Emil L. Lane 

Faith — Helen & Julius 

Compliments of Joe Natasi 

Susan H. — the delicatessen 

Susan H. — Square Pharmacy 

Ruth S.— Mr. & Mrs. J. Reiter 

from Robert A. Evedon, D.D.S. 

Class of '69 — Aviva & Chumi 

Class of '69— Barbara & Debby 

Class of '69 — Elchanet Staff 

If I can't chew gum, 
how about my thumb? 

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou. 

The Elchanet staff would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. 
Steif, Mrs. Levinson, and Miss Grossman for all the work that they 
put into this yearbook. A special word of thanks goes to Rabbi PeriJ 
man, our school librarian, and Dr-. Elias Schulman, librarian at the 
J EC, for their cooperation in supplying source material. This yearbook 
remains a tribute to their efforts. 

Despite the fact that we may have grumbled and groaned, as we end this year- 
book, and as our four years draw to a close, an irrepressible feeling of nostalgia 
begins to creep in. These past years, spent for the most part in the confines of 
Central's four walls, represent the best part of our youth. We remember them as 
years of fantasies and friendships, cramming and crusading, pranks and profundi- 
ties. As 69's seventy-three "Central-girls-turned-high-school-grads," we would 
like to say good-bye with the only appropriate word we know . . . SHALOM ! 

Senior Directory 

Adier, Judith— 470 West End Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10024 212-SU7-8638 

Bendheim, Aviva— 101 Central Park West, New York, N.Y. 10023 212-799-4814 

Bernstein, Arlene— 33-47 14th Street, Long Island City, N.Y. 11106 212-YE2-6105 

Birn, Miriam— 2178 Paulding Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. 10462 212-597-5251 

Block, Sharon— 140-25 69th Road, Flushing, N.Y. 11367 212-268-4425 

Borenstein, Phyllis— 150-46 76th Road, Flushing, N.Y. 11367 212-591-9447 

Brooks, Bernice— 215 West 91st Street, New York, N.Y. 10024 212-TR7-0784 

Cardozo, Deborah— 18 West 70th Street, New York, N.Y. 10023 212-TR4-5751 

Dicken, Victoria— 53-86 64th Street, Maspeth, N.Y. 11378 212-NR2-3348 

Doft, Eva— 39-52 48th Street, Sunnyside, N.Y. 11104 212-EM1-1954 

Drattler, Sarah— 562 East 81st Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11236 212-763-7711 

Ehrenberg, Betty— 635 West 174th Street, New York, N.Y. 10033 212-WA8-5438 

Fink, Judy— 110 East End Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10028 212-RE7-2243 

Fisch, Rhonda J.— 1251 Ward Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. 10472 212-TI2-4086 

Fishel, Masha— 96-02 57th Avenue, Rego Park, N.Y. 11368 212-699-9242 

Fisher, Susie— 144-12 77th Avenue, Flushing, N.Y. 11367 212-AX7-1879 

Fishoff, Meryl— 108-38 69th Avenue, Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 212-268-1061 

Frank, Ruth— 346 Hawthorne Avenue, Yonkers, N.Y. 10705 914-969-2813 

Glass, Mindy— 1434 47th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219 212-854-4132 

Goldberg, Miriam— 147-27 Jewel Avenue, Flushing, N.Y. 11367 212-261-1489 

Goldsmith, Miriam— 1605 Townsend Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. 10452 212-LU3-1903 

Greenfield, Suzy— 144-09 70th Road, Flushing, N.Y. 11367 212-B01-8553 

Gross, Harriette— 64-85 Booth Street, Rego Park, N.Y. 11374 212-BR5-4855 

Gruenspecht, Judith— 666 West 162nd Street, New York, N.Y. 10032 212-781-9772 

Grunberger, Maike— 140-42 69th Road, Flushing, N.Y. 11367 212-BO8-0791 

Gurell, Eleanor— 1852 Andrews Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. 10453 212-TR8-8816 

Gurzinsky, Ellen— 430 East 6th Street, New York, N.Y. 10009 212-228-3463 

Gutwill, Toby— 295 East 30th Street, Paterson, N.J. 07504 201-523-2498 

Haber, Susan— 1415 Wythe Place, Bronx, N.Y. 10452 212-JE7-8184 

Hass, ita— 2893 Heath Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. 10463 212-884-1961 

Heisler, Amy— 136 Zabriskie Street, Jersey City, N.J. 07307 201-792-3068 

Kamelhar, Leslie— 271 Avenue C, New York, N.Y. 10009 212-GR3-3992 

Klein, Sharon— 138-47 78th Road, Flushing, N.Y. 11367 212-AX7-8261 

Lander, Esther— 110-35 69th Road, Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 212-L14-2426 

Levine, Rebecca— 2 Locust Hollow Drive, Monsey, N.Y. 10952 914-EL2-8577 

Lunzer, Judith— 490 West End Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10024 212-362-5940 

Merkin, Deborah Yael— 625 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10021 212-RE7-8281 

Miner, Rishona— 17 Keer Avenue, Newark, N.J. 07112 201-926-4378 

Neumann, Clara— 9 Thayer Street, New York, N.Y. 10040 212-L07-7654 

Newton, Barbara— 2325 Ryer Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. 10458 212-LU4-7307 

Pearl, Sharon— 67-36 Fleet Street, Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 212-LI4-3160 

Perl, Ruth— 63-208 Alderton Street, Rego Park, N.Y. 11374 212-896-8163 

Pfifferling, Jane— 17 Fort George Hill, New York, N.Y. 10040 212-WI2-6054 

Pincus, Zeena— 1680-50th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11204 212-HY4-9799 

Posen, Sara— 2514 Seymour Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. 10469 212-OL3-2661 

Rapps, Sandi— 568 Grand Street, New York, N.Y. 10002 212-YU2-0122 

Reichman, Rachel— 1455 Grand Concourse, Bronx, N.Y. 10452 212-JE6-4842 

Reinhard, Lucienne— 310 West 72nd Street, New York, N.Y. 10023 212-362-7528 

Rephun, Nava— 320 West 87th Street, New York, N.Y. 10024 212-874-6590 

Rhein, Gusty— 776 Cornaga Avenue, Far Rockaway, N.Y. 11691 212-FA7-0210 

Romer, Cathy— 441 West End Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10024 212-787-2184 

Rothenberg, Faith— 147-31 78th Avenue, Flushing, N.Y. 11367 212-591-9420 

Schecter, Madeleine— 108-11 70th Avenue, Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 212-B08-7499 

Seidlin, Mindy— 2335 Barnes Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. 10467 212-TU1-2850 

Shuchatowitz, Anne— 337 Hobson Street, Newark, N.J. 07112 201-923-9113 

Sicherman, Barbara— 1606 Townsend Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. 10452 212-LU3-3252 

Silber, Ruth— 33-05 90th Street, Jackson Heights, N.Y. 11372 212-1L8-8360 

Silberberg, Judy— 99-15 66th Avenue, Forest Hills, N.Y. 11374 212-119-4340 

Stahl, Rosalyn— 365 12th Avenue, Paterson, N.J. 07514 201-279-2095 

Starrett, Sherry— 691 Gerard Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. 10451 212-993-8575 

Steif, Liliane— 110-40 72nd Avenue, Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 212-B01-5954 

Steinberg, Ann— 550 G Grand Street, New York, N.Y. 10002 212-OR7-8306 

Stern, Ellen— 1250 East 229th Street, Bronx, N.Y. 10466 212-OL3-0119 

Tennenbaum, Gilda— 140 West 86th Street, New York, N.Y. 10024 212-SU7-0756 

Tennenbaum, Chumi— 550 J Grand Street, New York, N.Y. 10002 212-254-5844 

Tershel, Ruth— 144-48 73rd Avenue, Flushing, N.Y. 11367 212-263-5683 

Trauring, Helen— 645 West End Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10025 212-799-2630 

Wahrsager, Feigy— 2612 Briggs Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. 10458 212-CY8-0823 

Wajsman, Gail— Yellow Brook Road, R.D. No. 2, Freehold, N.J. 07728 201-938-9661 

Weinfeld, Miriam— 45 Overlook Terrace, New York, N.Y. 10033 212-WA7-4760 

Weinman, Deborah— 241 West 97th Street, New York, N.Y. 10025 212-UN6-3116 

Weissman, Sandra— 748 Henry Road, Far Rockaway, N.Y. 11691 212-FA7-1317 

ZIotnick, Annie— 1674 Macombs Road, Bronx, N.Y. 10453 212-878-9994 



The world stands out on either side 
No wider than the heart is wide; 
Above the world is stretched the sky, — 
No higher than the soul is high. 

Edna St. Vincent Mi I lay 


r ■ ' 

-■^^?^; ■ 



^^ - ^ 

*.; ^*IS^'